Eric Newton

Name: Eric Newton Alias: Juri, Spectre, EN (Pronounced Ein), Newt Alignment: True Neutral Appearance: (Without Armor) (With Armor) Armor has resistance to low caliber hand fire, fire, and electricity Species: Super Soldier (Human Variant) Physical Age: 18 Mental Age: 43 Personality: On the battlefield, Eric takes pleasure in the act of killing, and shows a […]


Aer’s ex-Best friend

By the way if body horror ain’t your thing…go please Name: Nick Tenora Alias: American Maniac Alignment: Chaotic Evil Appearance: Species: Cambion Age: 20 “I’m gonna make sure not even your loved ones can figure out who you are!!!” Personality: hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable he is a vulgar and chaotic man. He’s temperamental […]


Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 1: Jaakuna)

The story of the incredibly gorgeous but evil super agent, Jaakuna, who’s skills are second to none. Her skills in infiltration and sabotage, coupled with her deadly fighting abilities, make her one of the most dangerous spies in the world.
Growing up in a rather rough and tragic environment thanks to her crimeboss father, She joins the evil mercenary agency, Kurai Yohei, as the top agent. However, After stealing top secret blueprints to advanced energy weaponry, she even develops ambitions to overthrow not only her own agency, but the entirety of Japan in an effort for revenge over her pops!

The only one who may have a chance to stop her and the agency is her former best friend/private detective, Naomi. Will Naomi’s skills be enough to stop her former friend, or will this be the end of society as we know it? Find out in this action/ ecchi spy adventure