Privacy Policy

OC Fancy takes privacy very seriously. We do not disclose any private information to third parties.

Account information

Email addresses will not be publicly displayed unless the user chooses to display it in place of their “nickname” or “username.” The email entered at the time of registration will be used for contact purposes only. If you submit any questions to us via the “Help” section, the email you include will be the email that we use to get in touch with you. Do not disclose any account information to anyone who claims to be a representative of OC Fancy. Under certain circumstances, our admin will need to know your username to change the status of your stories, but we will never ask for passwords or other sensitive information.

OC Fancy may contact you on a regular basis (3-5 times a week) about site updates or notices. You may also receive automated emails regarding comments on your stories, updates about your group activity, new messages, or if someone likes your comments and posts. These can all be customized under your profile settings.

Cookie Policy

OC Fancy reserves the right to collect cookies to offer a more customized user experience. This includes the use of cookies to offer personalized ads on our webpages. OC Fancy reserves the right to monetize all pages of our site, including but not limited to: published stories, profile pages, and personal pages. It is our goal to make these as unobtrusive as possible.

Story Usage

OC Fancy may elect to share some quality stories, art, or character sheets on either of their social media profiles (Tumblr and Twitter). We do not claim any ownership over these stories and give all credit to the artist or writer. Stories, characters, or art will only be shared or featured if they are publicly displayed on our site. We will not share any stories or characters that you choose to keep private.

Status Updates

Stories may be removed or deleted at our discretion and without notice. We have very few rules regarding art or stories and welcome stories for all ages. This includes fantasy, action, adventure, science fiction, and erotica. We request that adult stories add the “NC-17” label to their titles to let the reader know what they are in for, although this will not be enforced. Stories will only be removed if they include excessive spam or are requested to be removed by the author. In extreme cases, OC Fancy may delete stories and ban users if they continuously break the rules outlined in the “terms and conditions” agreement.