Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is an “OC”?

A: “OC” stands for “Original Character” (sometimes “Original Content”)

Q: How do I make an Original Character

A: There is no right way or wrong way to create an OC and everyone has a different method. For a more comprehensive guide, check out How to Build an Original Character.

Q: Can I choose more than one category for my story?

A: Absolutely! When you are writing your post, highlight your main category and save it. To select additional categories, hold the control (Ctrl) key and click on the additional categories you would like to post your story under. “Original Characters” is the default category and all posts will be displayed on this page.

Q: I’m interested in writing an adult story, is this acceptable to publish?

A: Yes! OC Fancy welcomes stories for all age groups and genres. Erotica is acceptable. We request that you add an “NC-17” label to your title so readers know what they’re in for, although this will not be enforced.

  • The only unacceptable content is anything considered illegal

Q: How is my account protected?

A: OCFancy.com uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to encrypt data between your web browser and our website. Rest assured that any data (including passwords) sent to our website from you is secure.

Q: How are my OCs protected?

A: Our website uses JavaScript to protect your stories as much as possible. Right-click is disabled on all public pages of our site so outsiders cannot copy and paste your stories and claim them as their own. However, this does not stop visitors from re-writing a text completely and posting it elsewhere. It is important to note that any story can be shared through social media outlets like Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. OC Fancy does not copyright any post.

Q: Can I un-publish my story if I am still working?

A: Of course! Just sign in, go to your story, and change the status to “draft.” You can edit and re-publish it whenever need to!

Q: What if my stories have different chapters?

A: If you want your fans to easily keep track of different chapters in your story, add a link at the bottom to take them to your next post. Users can also view all stories unique to you by clicking on the name you choose to have publicly displayed. This will take them to your profile.

Q: Can I message other users to ask about their stories?

A: We are currently experimenting with software that will allow you to direct message other users. As of now, you cannot message other users. But check back soon as this is something we are trying to resolve.

  • Update: As of August 10th 2018, OC Fancy gives users the ability to message others. In order to direct message another user, they must be friends. To add a friend, navigate to the Find Friends page and search for their username. Then click “Add Friend.”

Q: What are Groups?

A: Groups are a great way to find friends and meet new people that share your passion. If you are part of a group, you can collaborate on stories together, work on group stories, or just learn more about the world of character creation. The different types of groups include public (open to anyone), private (anyone can request membership), or hidden (join by invite only). If you don’t find a group that interests you, create your own and invite your friends. Note: group creators can only invite their friends.

Q: What if I experience any other problems?

A: If you experience any other problems, feel free to contact us through the help section of the site. Anything unique to your profile, stories, characters can be answered here. We are also very open to recommendations to improve our site. If you know of any glitches, bugs, or anything that may deliver a bad user experience, contact us immediately so we can do what we can to resolve it.

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