How to Build an OC

Creating an Original Character takes a lot of time and commitment. There is really no right or wrong way to do it, but here a rough guide to get you started.



  • You’re creative
  • You’re artistic
  • You’re probably a bit of nerd


Don’t feel bad if you don’t think aren’t creative enough, everyone has to start somewhere, and practice makes perfect.


Step 1: Come Up With a Concept


This concept can be the idea for a story or your character. If you choose to start with a story, think about what kind of story it is. Is it realistic fiction? Fantasy? Adventure? The genre of your story will have a lot of influence on your character. If you choose to start with your character, figure out what you’re good at or what kind of backstory they have. Most characters change over time, and no superhero started out that way. Creating a backstory or at least having an idea will make the creation process a little bit easier.


Step 2: Create a Character Sheet


A character sheet is where all of the main details of your character are lined out. They generally include their name, age, and their sex/pronouns (if applicable). Role playing characters sheets often have additional information like race, class, and alignment (i.e chaotic good). A backstory can also be included or added later as you think of it. For examples, check out our character sheet category. While working through this step, keep in mind their backstory and what kind of personality they have; these are often what people find most fascinating about their favorite characters.

  • Backstory: What was your character like before they became who they are? What made them that way?
  • Personality:  What are they like to be around? Do they have any bad habits? What makes them different from other characters?


Step 3: Create Some Character Art (Optional)


The most basic character art is a quick sketch of your character. Depending on your preference, this can be a drawing, a painting, or a digital rendition of your character. Your art can be added to your character sheet to show fans what they look like. If you want some assistance in creating an image for your character, online artists are always available to do commissions. You can also use an online avatar creator to just get an idea of what you want them to look like.


Step 4: Write a Story


Stories are another vital piece of the character creation process. After your character is fully developed and you know what you would like to do with them, you can drop them into a story. Most OCs are presented in short stories to start, but it is all up to you!


Keep in mind that these steps are just a guide to get you going and there is no wrong way to create a character.

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