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Character Sheet #40: Lupus ‘Quince’ Ichor

Name: Lupus ‘Quince’ Ichor Alias: N/A Alignment: Formerly: Chaotic Neutral Currently: Neutral Evil/Lawful Neutral Appearance: Species: Incuhound (Pride Variant) Age: ‘Human’/Physical Age: 38 Demon Age: N/A (Possibly around 190,000-ish) Personality: Sardonically sadomasochistic with a deadpan tone and a twisted sense of humor, Quince is essentially a strange person to be around. His knowledge of a […]

Character Sheets Original Characters

Character Sheet #39: Azrael

Name: Azrael Alias: The Holy Deathbringer Alignment: True Neutral Appearance: Species: Seraphim Age: N/A (Unknown) Personality: Patient, pragmatic and a bit aloof, Azrael often seeks solitude in silence whenever she’s not busy guiding Souls to their respective Afterlife. Although this makes her seem cold, she secretly longs for something that doesn’t involve Death and has […]

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Ashe Palpatine-Skywalker

Name: Ashe Palpatine-Skywalker Nicknames: Ash, Sky, etc. Date of Birth: 9 Years BBE Age: 21 Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her Birthplace: Unknown Weight: 176 Pounds Height: 5.8′ Body Type/Build: Athletic, Skinny, Agile. Class: Grey Jedi Physical Appearance: Intelligence: Extremely smart with Mechanics, education, low. Wisdom/Charisma: Very wise, a strong leader. Strengths: Building things, leading, kindness, talented […]

Character Sheets Original Characters

Character Sheet #37: Kirbi ‘Kirb’ Montogomery

Name: Kirbi ‘Kirb’ Montgomery Alias: Pyromare Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Appearance (Causual Attire/Normal Form): Appearance (Vigilante Attire): Appearance (Vigilante Suit Form/Attire): Appearance (Pyromare Form): Appearance (Pyromare Beast Form): Age: 27 Personality: Pragmatic, patient and honest, Kirbi is a resilient person who won’t back down from an Opponent no matter how strong they are. This has led […]