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aziel yawaraki character sheet

♥Name♥ Aziel Yawaraki ♦Gender♦ male ♠Pronouns♠  he/him they/them ♥Age♥  24 ♣Physical Appearance♣  hes a 5’5 lanky but well built male with brown hair with a blonde wolf cut. he has freckles and black eyes as well as scars all over his body. ♦Strengths♦ good with hand to hand conbant as well as long ranged attacks […]

Character Sheets

splish splash :)

★『 Name 』★  ???   ★『 Alias 』★ Jello   ★『 Alignment 』★ Chaotic Good   ★『 Appearance 』★   ★『 Species 』★   Mutant (?)   ★『 Age 』★   34 (?)   ★『 Personality 』★   ` ` . . . ´ ´    A man of very few words. Very classy and […]

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Funny little detective man

★『 Name 』★  Harry Demian Haller   Thetós Lýkos   ★『 Alias 』★ Steppenwolf   HDH   God of Order (Previously)   The Aligned God (Previously)   ★『 Alignment 』★ Chaotic Neutral   ★『 Appearance 』★     ★『 Species 』★ Previously: Divine-Demonic Transcendent (God, Domain of Order)   Currently: Archdemon (??? Variate)   ★『 […]

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Siberian General

“Ha.. haha! A hero? Yes, I am! But I’m also the kind that really loves a good fight!” Mikhail Chernoff, also known as Siberian General, is an indestructible superhero, and also the russian member of the World Security League. Name: Mikhail Chernoff Alias: Siberian General Gender: Male Species: Superhuman (mutate – hyper) Alignment: Neutral Good Age: […]

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Captain Molecular

“Why do people tend to look at the weak with eyes so full of hate and arrogance? What would they gain from it? I fucking hate that kind of thing. So I’ll be the one who will look down on these people.” Christopher Parham Williams, also known as Captain Molecular, is the american superhero, member of […]

Character Sheets

memories of pre chaos: the protagenists!

MOPC protagenists! (sry cant show art) Name: Lusea none Age: 15 Height: 5’6 Gender: female Pronouns: she\her Relationship status: (when story begins) single Personality: the “popular hot girl” that doesnt realy wanna talk to anyone except her besties, shes shy, awkward, but kind and loving. appearance: beautiful with water as hair, blueshirt and and long pants […]

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Character Sheet #6: Tina Magpie

Name: Tina Magpie Alias: Tin/Photo-Pyro Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Good Appearance: Species: Pyrokinetic Human Age: 20 Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Shy, Flirtatious, slightly Bold, Curious, Semi-Hedonistic, Thoughtful and Wise Gender: Female Sexuality: Closeted Gynesexual (Says she’s Straight for now/until she’s ready to come out) Pronouns: She/Her Occupation: N/A Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A Powers/Abilities: •Pyrokinetic Human Physiology •Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition […]

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Character Sheet lol

♥Name♥ [text] ♦Gender♦ [text] ♠Pronouns♠ [text] ♥Age♥ [text] ♣Physical Appearance♣ [text] ♦Strengths♦ [text] ♠Weaknesses♠ [text] ♦Powers/Abilities♦ [text] ♣IQ♣ [text] ♦Backstory♦ [text] ♥Fandom?♥ [text] ♦Character Alignment♦ [text] ♥Drawing?♥ [photo] ¿Extra¿ [text]

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Quote from him: “Religion itself was created, to define beings as powerful as us.” Name: Doryu Alias: The one who the gods themselves fear. Age: 150+ Asuras live for thousands of years.  Date of Birth: Their race’s calender isn’t equivalent to ours because, their planet is closer to a hotter star. The closest date we […]