the beginning

in the beginning there were only 2 beings, both indescribable one was life galaxy a being of creation and good, the other death galaxy a being of chaos and destruction. life fearing death galaxy sealed away his true form and true capabilities, then she used her powers to create everything from heaven to the mortal […]

Original Characters

New Levi

Name: Levi [EXPUNGED]  Alias: Lev, Psychopath, One Eyed Monster, Boss Alignment: Chaotic Evil –> Chaotic Good Appearance: Species: Conditioned Human Age: 26 Personality: Violent, Untrusting, Honest, Calculated, Somewhat Cold, Sadistic, Sarcastic, Jokester Gender: Male Sexuality: Demiromantic Pansexual Pronouns: His/He/Him Occupation: Weapon/Paraphernalia: Various Torture Tools/Guns/Melee weapons Powers/Abilities: Supernatural Human Physiology Supernatural Speed (II) Supernatural Stamina Supernatural […]

Original Characters


Name: Xavier “Xav” Alexander Lopez Alias: Xav Alignment: True Good Appearance: Species: Telekinetic Human Age: 26 Personality: Fun loving, Loving, Joking, Loyal, Dedicated, Intimidating Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Pronouns: His/He Occupation: SS Bartender/Cleaner/Janitor Weapon/Paraphernalia: * Various knives stashed in his jacket, mainly for SD His father’s Dog Tags: Powers/Abilities: Supernatural Condition (II) Cleaning Mastery Bartending […]

Original Characters

Second In Command of the Golden Wyverns

Name: Tanaka Okawa Alias: Second In Command of the Golden Wyverns, T-T, He Who’s Rage is boundless Alignment: True Evil (For now) Appearance: Species: Human (..?..) Age: 26 Personality: Fun loving, Hot headed, Stubborn, Violent, Brutal, Not to sharp Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Pronouns: His/He/Him Occupation: Yakuza Member Weapon/Paraphernalia: Assault Rifle “Cherry” Twin Pistols “Alex […]