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*MEGAN* Full name: Megan McGraw Nickname: Meg/Maggie Age/Sex: 24 F. Height: 5ft. 5 inch Weight: 57 kg •Physical description:- Megan has light brown eyes hidden behind thick black framed glasses and long dark brown hair which she always keeps in a high ponytail with strands of a few ‘loose’ hair falling to frame her face. […]


World Building

  #Worldbuilding No one can certainly say that we, humans, are the only organisms with highest technology and intelligence. In this world, co existing with us, are creatures hidden from our eyes living normal lives with us. Some more obviously unusual while others blending in with us. Some heard of as folklore like fairies, mermaids […]

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Name: Kelk’vhed Alias: Kelk The All-Taking, The Epicenter, Child of Gol, freaky dude in my body (By Darrick) Alignment: Neutral—> Chaotic Good Appearance: (True Form) (Form on Earth) (Form when fully merged with Derrick) Species: Eldritch God Of Death Age: As old as the very universe, possibly older Personality: “..Hmmmm..” Curious, All-Knowing, Quite, Sarcastic, quick […]

Original Characters

Eldritch Detective

Name: Derrick Lewis Nelson Alias: Officer/Detective Nels, Host of Kelk’vhed Alignment: True Good Appearance: In Kelk-Takeover-Form: Species: Pseudo-Eldritch/Human Hyrbid Age: 32 Personality: “Hate this job.. But hey, someone’s gotta do it.” Caring, Rough, Secret Teddy Bear, Quick to act, Selfless, Skilled Gender: Male Sexuality: Pronouns: His/He Occupation: Detective Weapon/Paraphernalia: Kelk:Kelk is a Eldritch god who […]

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Character Sheet #37: Kirbi ‘Kirb’ Montogomery

Name: Kirbi ‘Kirb’ Montgomery Alias: Pyromare Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Appearance (Causual Attire/Normal Form): Appearance (Vigilante Attire): Appearance (Vigilante Suit Form/Attire): Appearance (Pyromare Form): Appearance (Pyromare Beast Form): Age: 27 Personality: Pragmatic, patient and honest, Kirbi is a resilient person who won’t back down from an Opponent no matter how strong they are. This has led […]

Original Characters

Guy too good at geometry

Name: Thomas ‘Ken’ Lewis Alias: Ricochet, Ken, Guy too good at geometry Alignment: Chaotic Good Appearance: Species: Superior-Human Age: 24 Personality: “I honestly kinda like it here.. I mean I could do without the attempts at shanking me though.” Calm, Loyal, Protective, Skilled, intelligent Gender: Male Sexuality: Bi-sexual Pronouns: His/He Occupation: Vigilante/Thief Crime(s) Committed/Reason(s) for […]

Original Characters

The, not so, old man

Name: Shinseina Doragon Alias: Shin, Mr. Dora, Alignment: N/A Appearance: Species: Human (W\ superhuman characteristics) Age: 34 Personality: “Do not touch my child.” Honorable, Loyal, Kind, Gentle Giant when he wishes to be, Intimidating Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Pronouns: His/He Occupation: Retired Obayun Weapon/Paraphernalia: While he is a weapons specialist, he chooses not to use […]

Character Sheets

My Character Sheet!

Name/Nicknames/Alias: Nova Stellar. Nickname is Spacey, and Alias is Avon (Male disguise) Age or Date of Birth: 900 quarterdecillion (vineboom) Sex/Gender: Genderfluid, Identifies as a woman Pronouns: she/her Nationality/Birthplace: The Stardust Nebula (Fiction) Weight: 167 lbs (pounds) Average Height: 6 ft 9 in. Average Body Type/Build: Usual chooses to look muscular/skinny-ish Class: Space God, check […]