Original Characters


Name: Jaxi Alias: Jackie (Mispronounce) Jax-E Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Appearance: (In Armor) (Out of Armor) Species: Ultarion True Age: 36 Physical Age: 23-26 Mental Age: 14,000 Personality: Kind, Curious, Threatening, Teasing, Semi-Sadistic, Pragmatic Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Pronouns: His/He/They Occupation: Explorer/Warrior Weapon/Paraphernalia: Powers/Abilities: Ultarion Physiology Personal Energy Solar/Ultraviolet Metabolization Flight Interstellar Travel Supernatural Durability Supernatural […]

Character Sheets

aziel yawaraki character sheet

♥Name♥ Aziel Yawaraki ♦Gender♦ male ♠Pronouns♠  he/him they/them ♥Age♥  24 ♣Physical Appearance♣  hes a 5’5 lanky but well built male with brown hair with a blonde wolf cut. he has freckles and black eyes as well as scars all over his body. ♦Strengths♦ good with hand to hand conbant as well as long ranged attacks […]

Original Characters

Sasha (WIP)

Name: Sasha Manara   Alias: Sash, Sis, Ms. Man, Buddy   Alignment: True Good   Appearance: Species: Pseudo-Pyro Mystic Human   Age: 22   Personality: Calm, Protective, Semi-Hot headed, Some Patience   Gender: Female   Sexuality: Pansexual   Pronouns: Her/She   Occupation: Librarian   Weapon/Paraphernalia: Gauntlets of Motdea: Two Gauntlets powered by nothing but heat, […]

Original Characters


Name: Tyler Trino   Alias: Ty, Leader, British Asshole, T-T   Alignment: Chaotic Good   Appearance: Species: Pseudo- Electric Mystic Human   Age: 23   Personality: Tyler is as charming as he is cunning. He’s a force of nature, who can talk almost anyone into anything, either through a smile or brute force – or […]