Who We Are

OC Fancy is an independent media platform dedicated to helping authors and artists share and popularize their original characters and original content. Founded in 2016, it is our goal to provide the best user experience possible. Here, we share your passion for original characters, content, and art, and want to give both novice writers and seasoned veterans an opportunity to share their work with the world.

Our Community

Lets face it, the creative community of authors and artists is greatly underappreciated. It is our mission to bring like minded people of all ages and experience together to collaborate on their characters and original stories. Whether you are a hobbyist writer, published author, or just interested in character creation and nerdy stories, OC Fancy has something for you. Get together with a group of people that share your interests, make new friends, or just build personal characters on your own schedule.

  • Groups: A group can be anything you want it to be, with a member count of one to infinity. Groups can be just your close friends, your family, or people that share the same interests as you – if one doesn’t exist yet, create one and gather some members! Make a group about OCs from your favorite fandom, get together the players of your most recent D&D campaign, or just make some new friends and share your stories. The options are limitless.
  • Friends: OCF allows users to make friends and build relationships. Search for people you may know or chat with fans about your OCs!
  • Personal Account: Creating an account gives you the ability to upload your character profiles, drawings, or stories on your own time. You can also keep track of your favorite stories and stay updated on the most popular authors. This is a safe community and you should never feel pressured to publish. Your creation, your rules. A personal OCF account also allows you to upload your characters and keep them private. That’s right. Share what you want and don’t publish what you don’t. Its all up to you!

Our Goal

We hope our site will grow into a fun outlet for anyone with a creative mind. OC Fancy is meant for original stories and art of any kind. Even if you don’t have a story or a character sheet to go with it yet, feel free to upload and just share your art. Or, if you are more private, you can store your characters and art on our cloud, not being visible to the public. Keep it to yourself and don’t publish it to our archives until you’re ready to reveal it to the world. But trust us, the world is going to love it!

How You Can Help

Given our status as an emerging site, we hope our users can share our story, as well as their own by telling their friends about us and sharing their content through social media outlets like Tumblr and Facebook. Our startup status allows us to give attention tailored to individual needs. And if any user, reader, or author has any recommendations or suggestions on how to improve our site, we are happy to hear them. Drop us a message under the “Help” section of the site and let us know what we can do.