Character Sheets

My Character Sheet!

Name/Nicknames/Alias: Nova Stellar. Nickname is Spacey, and Alias is Avon (Male disguise) Age or Date of Birth: 900 quarterdecillion (vineboom) Sex/Gender: Genderfluid, Identifies as a woman Pronouns: she/her Nationality/Birthplace: The Stardust Nebula (Fiction) Weight: 167 lbs (pounds) Average Height: 6 ft 9 in. Average Body Type/Build: Usual chooses to look muscular/skinny-ish Class: Space God, check […]

Original Characters

Siren OC Aracine

Name- Aracine Species– Siren -Lives very deep in the ocean -Translucent tail that glows -White eyes -Sharp pointy teeth Powers Siren Song– A haunting melody emerges from the distance. Starting only as whispers but growing into a compelling song the closer you approach. Each note seeps into the core of your being. Their chorus enchanting […]