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The Mystic Chronomancer- Backstory (Part Two)

Isha Heimdalldottir. Goddess of Sight, Energy, Time, and Mysticism. The Shortlived Queen of Asgard. Daughter of Heimdall and Idun. Friend and Accomplis of Thor. Lover of Loki. Daughter of Thanos. Thanos found Loki and Isha, ultimately going to kill the both of them but chose not to. He found that both Isha and Loki had encounters with the Tesseract and so requested that they stole it from SHIELD in exchange for having Earth under their rule. Refusing, Isha was tortured by Ebony Maw and had to watch Loki get tortured by huge quantities of heat. Thanos took interest in Isha’s fighting spirit and decided to train her and take her in as his daughter.

Segment 2: The Avengers

Being brainwashed and unwillingly keeping the tesseract as the first priority, Isha and Loki were given a scepter and a staff before they were sent through the portal. Her eyes went an unnatural blue as she stood up, staring Selvic, Clint, and Fury down. While Loki distracted the three with his verbal threats Isha went straight for the tesseract. Clint pulled his gun on her and in acts of saving her; Loki mind controlled Clint with his scepter. In a chaotic break away from SHIELD and their agent, Isha smiled at her success with the Tesseract. The two made it to the warehouse where everyone that was mind controlled worked on opening the portal for the Chitari. Whilst training Clint to fight a little better from the shadows, Isha realizes that Loki’s eyes went black and the scepter grew bluer. She quickly rushed to him and put her hand on his back and suddenly heard his conversation. Isha closed her eyes and with little to no time she could also see it. How it was affecting him. She could feel his cold sweats, his fear, and most importantly; his built up hatred. Suddenly a lack came to her emotional state. A lack of ambition and pride. Once Loki’s eyes went back to the unnatural blue Isha’s went brown. He looked at her and before he could see anything she turned her eyes blue, just to match his. Isha was now fully aware and in no way was going to let anything corrupt him. Until the day of the ball Isha kept both her staff and his scepter away from him, for she knew that the more he was away from it the weaker the mind control would get. Unknowingly breaking down one of the barriers of her oracles, Isha read Loki’s spellbook and transformed her staff into a purse. After the two arrived at the party, for a split second she could see Loki. The real him. As they danced she felt happy with him. Until it was time. He took the eye scanner and mutilated the eye of the host. As everyone ran and screamed Isha heard ringing in her ears and almost a numbness to her skin. Isha closed her eyes and for a split second what would transpire. Loki was going to gather everyone and make them kneel. ‘Not on my watch.’ Isha reformed her staff and knocked the scepter out of his hand. “Darling, here we are again. You wanted Earth and now suddenly you are in my way?” Isha’s irises faded from blue, to brown, to gold, before settling too white “You think I wanted Earth or a stupid rule over free people? The only thing I wanted was you.” While his guard was down, processing what she said; Isha used her staff and bound him in place, “By the strength of Toutatis, I bind you.” Sooner or later the Avengers came. With no struggle from Isha she gave them both the scepter and the staff, in return getting handcuffed. The two got on the quinjet and flew out of Germany. Soon thunder could be heard in the distance. Ihha smiled while Loki grumbled. “Thor.” both of them said at the same time. With no time Thor broke into the quinjet and grabbed both Loki and Isha. After flying out, the three crash landed in a forest. Whilst Thor and Loki were arguing Isha was figuring out a way to get her staff back. Tony crashed into Thor and began to fight him, no more than ten minutes later did Steve join in too. Little did those three oafs know that with the quinjet only having Natasha in it, Isha swiped her staff back. She used it to bind everyone in place, mimicking what she did to Loki. She held Loki in place as she called down to them, “Listen. Not to ruin your little tussle but we are all on the same side. The side to stop this maniac from creating further damage. Now be adults and get your asses on this jet thing.” Isha undid the binding spell and proceeded to hop on the jet with Loki and strapped him down. Continuing the ride back, she secretly explained to Thor about what happened to Loki and what got them to this point. Once everyone walked into SHIELD, Loki was given his cell while Isha was given something a little more roomy where she could watch the cell cameras. After a while of relaxing Thor brought her to the rest of the group so she could explain what happened prior the tesseract. “He killed 80 people in two days; under your watch.” “You’d think that someone who was brainwashed to be a killer ballerina would understand two words: Mind. Control.” “Why should we trust you to give us the right information?” “Because I am your only hope. Unless you want me to pull the information out of him you’ll have to trust me.” and with that being said, Isha went down to his cell to pull out such info. With her eyes shifting black to blue he had no choice but to trust her and tell her everything. She looked up at the camera and smiled, “I told you.” Her eyes turned brown once again before she waved at Loki. Isha ran upstairs, “He’s planning to bring out jolly the green giant.” Everyone soon started to get into a heated argument. Expectedly everything started to unfold, though she gave her warnings no one was prepared for Clint to override everything. Luckily it was a quick transaction but on the other hand everyone wasn’t okay. Fury called everyone to the main room and told everyone what happened. Loki escaped, the tesseract is nowhere to be found, The Hulk has destroyed more than enough equipment, Thor and Bruce aren’t detectable, Natasha and Clint are in intensive care, and Coulson is unresponsive. “There was an idea, Stark knows this, called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could. Coulson died believing in heroes-” Tony got up and left, Steve following right after him. Isha looked at Fury, “It’ll be okay. We’ll come through.” Sooner rather than later did Steve announce that it was time to suit up. Isha went outside and summoned her staff, the mystic energy mixed with the celestial energy from the portals starting to form changed her suit. It turns out that the tesseract was already on display and the portals were forming quicker by the second. Soon Chitari warriors started pouring out of the sky and attacking civilians. Isha casted a shield over as many civilians as she could whilst also taking down as many warriors as was possible. She fought the best she could while Steve got the innocents evacuated. Once she saw Tony fly up to Stark Towers, she scaled the building and saw Loki. As Tony kept him distracted she had been contemplating on how to take the scepter. “…Earth’s mightiest heroes type thing.” “Oh, I’ve met them.” “Well. Let’s do a headcount. We have your brother, the demigod; a super soldier, a living legend that kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breathtaking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins; and last but not least, your girlfriend who might I say is someone who is out of your league. You, big fella, have managed to piss every one of them off.” Once Isha finally was in range she took the scepter and held it up to Loki, threatening him. He backed off until he pulled out his daggers. “Stark, go. I’ve been waiting on this one for awhile.” Isha and Loki ran to each other and started to fight, this time Loki was much more ruthless compared to the last time. The rougher he got, the harsher she adapted to his hits. Loki sooner or later got Isha and held her over the edge by her throat, “You could’ve been queen.” “Why would I want to be queen-” Isha dropped both the scepter and staff over the leap for Natasha to use to trigger the tesseract “-when I’m already a goddess?” she managed to get out before a blast of bluish energy escaped her hands and pushed him back. Isha heard a crash followed by a groan and as much as she wanted to go back she couldn’t. She couldn’t let him do that to her. Using her energy she carefully levitated down and fought with the Avengers. Isha ripped through their flesh, running off of nothing but her high emotions. She then heard Tony and Steven talking in the comms about the missle. Isha ran to town square and saw Tony fly into the black hole with a missle. “He’s going to need that to stay open for as long as possible.” Natasha mentioned into the ear piece. With that Isha scaled the tallest building in the area and huffed, waiting for the cue. As soon as she saw all of the Chitauri drop, the mystic blue energy from earlier surrounded her hands and soon enough it was clashing with the force of the black hole collapsing. Isha started to shake under the strength but with her best efforts she kept it from closing. She could’ve done it for longer but her oracles were being broken like fine china, she soon fell off of the tower and fainted on her way down. The only thing she remembered before she blacked out was Tony’s suit falling out of the portal. Hulk grabbed both and Isha and Tony and laid them down quite carefully. The two woke up to the growl of the Hulk and smiled. Soon the group went back to the tower and saw Loki laying there, worse than when Isha left him. SHIELD agents cleared through the tower, taking the scepter and ready to take the staff. “No. This is mine.” “Ma’am, this isn’t yours. We need to keep it so we can find out what it does.” Isha and Loki shared a glance, “Take it from me and I’ll show you what it can really do.” Lets just say that she was able to keep it in the end. After eating with the group, the Avengers took the Tesseract and Loki to the nearest open space so the two could go. “So, Isha are you sure you don’t want to come back?” “I’m sure. I want to explore Earth…and maybe learn how to keep a black hole open; for future reference.” Thor chuckled and Loki barely smiled in response. Thor twisted the first half of the tesseract and before Loki could do it Isha placed a kiss on his cheek and smiled, “I forgive you. See you up there.” Loki heavily blushed before he turned the other half. The bifrost came and took the brothers to Asgard. “So…where are you going next?” Clint asked. “I don’t know, someone who can help me with my abilities I guess.” “And who is that?” “I don’t know but she specialize in the mystic arts, actually I’m late to her appointment. Catch you on the flip side, birdman.” Isha waved as she walked off. 

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