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Character Sheet #5: Onta

Name: Onta

Alias: Sea-Ster

Alignment: True Neutral

Species: Kraken

Age: 390

Personality: Shy, Sweet, Quiet, Observant, but can become Malicious and Unhinged, especially when he’s in his Kraken Form

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Biromantic

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupation: Fishmonger


Grappling Hook Of The Deep Blue

Hook Of The Sea


•Kraken Physiology

•Human Disguise

•Ocean Manipulation

•Ocean Embodiment

•Ocean Communication

•Ocean Magic

•Grappling Proficiency

•Hook Proficiency


Can be controlled by users of Kraken Manipulation

•Can be easily slayed in his Kraken Form

•Can be outmatched by other sea monsters

•Is weaker when he’s out of the water

•Cannot create oceans, only manipulate them

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

•He’s 5’5 in his Human Form and 30’7 in his Kraken Form.

•He stays in the ocean a lot.

•He doesn’t always speak English, and instead will sometimes speak in a strange and ancient language. It’s unknown what the language translates to.

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