The Mystic Chronomancer – Backstory (Part One)

Born to Heimdall and Idun, a beautiful baby girl by the name of Isha Heimdalldottir was gifted out of generosity from Freya. Isha grew up with Thor and Loki, the three being inseparable bestfriends who would get in trouble aswell as have fun, nonetheless creating memories. Soon the fun came to a halt when the Frost Giants struck at the royal coronation of Thor. Isha, along with Thor insisted that they all fought back. They went to Jotunheim and fought against them, accidently creating a war between Asgard and the land of Frost Giants.

Segment 1: Thor

After the fight Isha tried to defend Thor from banishment but was dragged out of the bifrost room and was locked in her chambers. She sat in her room, still able to hear the process of Odin taking his powers away from Thor. After awhile Isha broke her doors open out of pure irritation and listened for Loki. She walked the hallways and overheard the conversation between Odin and Loki. Isha looked down into Odin’s collection room and saw Loki. Crying. Seeing Odins’ body on the ground; Isha got the guards to help him and took Loki into her care. She talked things out with him after the two of them found out he was in Odinsleep. Seeing as how he was rightfully the King of Asgard, Isha was still surprised that he made the decision to make her Queen. She loved the opportunity, but not for the reasons one might think. She loved Loki more than she loved the thought of the throne and would do anything for him, so when she realized that Loki was slowly falling under the influence of the power Isha began to plan against him. Once he left to Midgard, Isha started to train Asgard’s defenses to fight against Laufey. Isha made sure Loki wasn’t able to find out what she was doing by lying and covering her tracks. Soon after he admitted that Laufey would be coming Isha sent Sif and the Warriors Three to get Thor and bring him back. After seeing the bifrost open Loki met up with Isha. “You said that we’d do this together.” “That was before you put the throne before our love.” And just like that the two fought eachother, with each hit that she took she unknowingly was breaking her undeveloped oracles. Isha faught until she heard Laufey’s footsteps behind her. By the time she turned around and brought her dagger to his throat she realized that her hair was frosty white before she was knocked out by Laufey himself. He threw her to the side of the room and stepped on her daggers, ultimately breaking them. When she slowly awoke she realized that her hair was black again. Her eyes shifted to the now broken bridge and Loki had lost his footing. Almost at the speed of sound she rushed over to the broken part of the bridge and caught him, him tightly attached to her wrist. The weight Isha was carrying was new to her so she quickly started slipping. Thor caught her just a few minutes before Odin was there to make sure none of them were to fall. “Loki. You have to stop. I know what you want but you have to realize that you have me.” “But I could have done it for us Isha…father…for all of us.” Odin’s voice barely spoke “…No Loki.” With those words Loki’s eyes started to let a few tears slip. He let go of Isha’s wrist and soon fell into the abyss. A scream escaped her lips as she realized that Odin and Thor were pulling her back up. Isha’s eyes glew a burning white as she ripped off a a sharp piece of the severed bridge and cut Thor’s wrist. He let go out of severe pain and with nothing but a nostalgic smile Isha fell into the abyss after Loki.

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