Character Sheets

My Character Sheet!

Name/Nicknames/Alias: Nova Stellar. Nickname is Spacey, and Alias is Avon (Male disguise) Age or Date of Birth: 900 quarterdecillion (vineboom) Sex/Gender: Genderfluid, Identifies as a woman Pronouns: she/her Nationality/Birthplace: The Stardust Nebula (Fiction) Weight: 167 lbs (pounds) Average Height: 6 ft 9 in. Average Body Type/Build: Usual chooses to look muscular/skinny-ish Class: Space God, check […]

Character Sheets

Siberian General

“Ha.. haha! A hero? Yes, I am! But I’m also the kind that really loves a good fight!” Mikhail Chernoff, also known as Siberian General, is an indestructible superhero, and also the russian member of the World Security League. Name: Mikhail Chernoff Alias: Siberian General Gender: Male Species: Superhuman (mutate – hyper) Alignment: Neutral Good Age: […]

Character Sheets

Captain Molecular

“Why do people tend to look at the weak with eyes so full of hate and arrogance? What would they gain from it? I fucking hate that kind of thing. So I’ll be the one who will look down on these people.” Christopher Parham Williams, also known as Captain Molecular, is the american superhero, member of […]


The Mystic Chronomancer – Backstory (Part One)

Born to Heimdall and Idun, a beautiful baby girl by the name of Isha Heimdalldottir was gifted out of generosity from Freya. Isha grew up with Thor and Loki, the three being inseparable bestfriends who would get in trouble aswell as have fun, nonetheless creating memories. Soon the fun came to a halt when the Frost […]

Character Sheets

Russell Baskins: Character Sheet

Name: Russell Baskins Birth date: October 10, 1901 Nicknames: Russ Age: 26 Sex: Male Height: 5′ 10 Weight: 175 lbs Body Type: Skinny, Muscular, Military fit Hair Color: Jet Black Hair Type: quiff Race: Caucasian Nationality: American Strengths: Navigation, observation Weaknesses: Paranoia, PTSD Bad Habits: Inappropriate Jokes, Fears: Hastur, Cthulhu, war   Backstory: Russell is […]

Realistic Fiction

Dick Richards: Character Sheet

Name: Dick Richards Nicknames: Age: 59 Sex: Male Height: 5’11 Weight: 298 lbs Body Type: Fat, harry, jiggly Hair Color: Dirty Grey Hair Type: Man bun Race: Caucasian Nationality: American Strengths: Good at making things up, good golfer Weaknesses: extremely low emotional intelligence, reverse Midas touch, unemployed, asshole, can’t admit he is wrong, lazy, arrogant, […]