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Caoimhe O’Donnabhain Overview

Names: Caoimhe O’Donnabhain, “Dart”, Agent 02

Fandom: Shadowrun

Age: 47

Birthday: November 25th, 2969

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Gender: Cis female (she/her)

Sexuality: Homosexual/romantic

Significant Other: Shadow/Aislin

Family: Unknown

Race/Nationality: Elf/Irish

Languages: Irish, English

Occupation: Assassin, Runner, Tír Ghost and Secret Service of the Royal Family.

Physical Description: 5’10”, 145 lbs. Rather straight in build, without much curvature, but deceptively muscular. Moderately dark skin tone, hair dyed white and kept in a crew cut, with two shaved lines in the sides. Broad, angular facial features, with pale amber eyes.

Personality: INTJ. Caoimhe O’Donnabhain is…strange, to say the least. People are as much of a mystery to her as she is to them. She doesn’t say much, and is often unassuming – as long as one doesn’t look at her directly. She has one of those “million-mile stares” that one might find unnerving. More often than not, she gets her job done and gets paid, but there are rare times when she shows a legitimate sadistic streak. She acts almost entirely to meet her own ends, and rarely takes others’ needs or wishes into account. There are a select few whose opinions she values, and even fewer she considers actual “friends”. I would call her a problematic fave, but she’s no one’s favorite. She’s just…problematic.

Backstory: Born in Mattawa, within the Sinsearach territory, Caoimhe spent the first seven years of her life with her parents and her tribe. She didn’t receive much in the line of education, save for the most practical of survival skills, and spent most of her time outdoors. It was on one of these ventures that she was found and abducted by an ork, then taken to Seattle to be brought up within the confines of a small-time gang. The next ten years were spent honing her skills in stealth and silent murder, and upon turning 17, she eliminated the leader of the gang before briefly taking his position. She abandoned the group not long after, opting to take to the streets once more. This happened several more times over the next two decades as she moved from one small gang to another, each time removing at least one of their members before taking off once again, usually with a good number of nuyen in tow. The last gang she got involved with ended on a different note, however, when Caoimhe found herself cheated by an elven smuggler. Against all odds, and despite the many death threats, the smuggler – Aura – wound up taking her in as something of a quiet, sociopathic housemate.

Ongoing Story: Having been dragged into a ragtag team of mercenaries, a smuggler, a flamboyant pixie, and a slightly racist pacifist, Caoimhe consequently got tied up in the affairs of gangs, human extremist groups, vampires, and far too many dragons. Now, while beginning her training with the Ghosts, she is aggressively trying to ignore the dragon war that is threatening the world and only partially her fault.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes animals – specifically cats, solitude, taking the stealthy, non-murderous path for once – come on guys, we can’t use C4 in every situation – and crochet. Dislikes loud, crowded places, public displays of affection, and talking to anyone for any reason.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Is highly skilled with a blowgun, can make a wide variety of poisons, and fits into pretty much any small space – it makes shipping easy. Cannot shoot an actual firearm worth a damn, slightly dim where it comes to technology, really horrible at not making others uncomfortable, also quite illiterate.

Details: Medusa and labret piercings, both in polished silver. Three silver studs along the top of each ear. Very simple scarification on face. Two retractable blades at elbows, grapple system in left forearm, cyber-enhanced vision, as well as enhanced lung capacity and strength.


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