Character Sheets

OC: Sindy Casa De Seda

Name/Nicknames/Alias: Sindy casa de seda

Age or Date of Birth: 16

Sex/Gender: demigirl

Pronouns: She/they

Nationality/Birthplace: A Leaf covered Cave above a lake in Colombia 

Height: 4’11

Body Type/Build: Curvy Pear, slight muscle.

Skin: Warm Sienna tone

Eye color: She is a spider humanoid so they have 2 eyes where a humans would be upturned with a slight almondy shape. One of her human eyes is fully black while the other I don’t know so can be either fully red, yellow or blue or switches between the three. She has two sets of more upturned completely black eyes similar to muffets from undertale where their eyebrows should be however the ones above the ones on her eyebrows are covered by her bangs.

Hair Style: Black loose pigtails or braided pigtails that hang on their shoulders (I think they’re called low pigtails)

Clothing: I have a few ideas for the type of outfits i’d want Sindy to wear one example: a more casual modern outfit like a dark blue or dark purple crop top with a spray painted white spiderweb pattern all over it and baggy jeans or a ruffled navy blue short dress with puffy ruffled sleeves

Intelligence or IQ: Above average, Can be a bit silly and act absurdly at times though. Knows basic common sense things.

Strengths: Good at recognising patterns, uses patterns to figure out/understand a situation. Good at reading some body language. WIP

Weaknesses: She has Pyrophobia and will try to avoid any situation that includes Fire. Bad with emotions, for example if someone is sad they can be a little inappropriate for the situation. Wants to hang out with humans more but afraid of scaring them WIP

Talents: From hanging out with some humans who weren’t afraid of her, she took up like cross stitching and other crafts being a spider they got into this and was pretty good at it. She had been weaving webs all their life so Weaving a piece of yarn is easy for them. Sells her crafts at events with the other animal humanoids in Colombia.

Hobbies: Weaving, cross-stitching, cleaning, web-making, web-art, hunting (insects mainly), probably styles hair occasionally, makes their own clothes, spray painting, selling stuff, sometimes helps make webs for other spiders.

Interests: Sindy formed a little Juggalo group within some of the humanoid animal community after discovering the music duo insane clown posse somehow and she likes the Juggalo culture and likes the music somehow so occasionally Sindy appears with their face painted like a clown

‘Pets’: Keeps multiple non-humanoid frogs in the cave and anywhere they live as Frogs seek protection in her cave, in return they have the leftovers of any prey Sindy gets. The frogs also clean her webs of any prey they forgot or need cleaning, scare off parasites and have a very nice working community that cares for each other.

Other Traits and Creator Notes: Has arms where a humans would be and has another set of arms protruding from her scapula and another set around her waist. Permanent black lips and has little protruding fangs WIP

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