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Name: Fierté (Prideful in French)

Alias: Fie the Boosting (The other sins), Perfection embodied (Self Proclaimed)

Alignment: N/A


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Species: Sin

Age: N/A (Her age was never declared, so no one knows if she is older or younger)


“If only humans could match me.. Heh.”

Talkative, Calm, HEAVILY Insecure (hence the pride), Quick to sadden if right mental points are hit

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demiromantic Lesbian

Pronouns: Her/She

Occupation: Owner of 3 Beauty Salons


Sword Of The Sun: A sun using the skin and Wrathful energy from Wrath herself. The blade can heat up to temperatures similar to that of the sun and is far stronger and durable than the average blade

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Supernatural Condition (III)

Greatsword Mastery

Enhanced Combat

Insulting Mastery

Pride-Based Abilities:

Indomitable Pride

Nether Manipulation

Power Deactivation (Via Eye-sight)

Power Negation (Via-Eyesight)

Pride Manipulation

Pride Aura

Pride Constructs

Pride Empowerment

Nether Manipulation:

Nether Energy Manipulation

Nether Generation

Nether Solidification

Nether Constructs


Her insecurities could lead to her brain dipping into Humility

Her insecurities, if called out violently enough, will cause her to break down and weak some of her powers)

Damage to just one of her eyes can mess up the powers functionality

Humility Inducement

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

Only person to ever make her have a mental breakdown was Sloth. She has vowed to make sure it never happens again.

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