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Do you want to know how Scribble got in the anthro pokemon universe? What he was doing in the thunderstorm? Well here you go. Scribble came from a strange alien planet. He had two parents. His parents were worried that if someone found out about their child’s powers. That he would be killed for it out of fear. So they decided to fake their child’s death by sending him to another universe. Hoping that it who ever it may be they will take care of him and the rest is history. Scribble has been recently have been temporarily fired by the Multiverse Protection Force. Him and his two friends are now planning on making their own hero team. Until they get their jobs back He has an older sister name Mary who is a anthro Mawile. She really cares about Scribble and will protect him if she needs to. Scribble’s family consist of a variety of pokemon.
Note: I really need a free website were I can register an account for because I can’t properly describe Scribble. Please let me know if their is a website like this. To put simply he actually looks like he is made of scribbles although it is very dark not light Scribbles but he is solid he can bleed and has organs. He also looks humanoid. Scribble is as tall as your typical teenager.
As for his personality he is very kind, caring, and optimistic. He is considered as the heart of the Multiverse Protection Force. Scribble is a lot like Peter Parker from Marvel. A teenage hero trying to juggle between his superhero life and his regular life. Feeling like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. This is the reason why Shredder wants to kill Scribble because if the Multiverse Protection Force loose Scribble. The organization will fall apart.
Powers and Abilities
Mentifery: Scribble has the ability to manipulate reality on a grand scale. Being able to achieve anything as long as he can imagine it.Psionics: Scribble posses vast psychic powers. Mastering all his psychic powers.

Peak Human Body/Enhanced: His body is better then the peak human.

Alien Physiology: Even though his family does not know yet. He is considered an alien.

Time Travel: Thanks to his reality warping powers he can travel through time. He is very experienced with time travel.

High-Speed Flight: Can fly at high speeds.

He can also breath in space.

Scribble’s reality warping powers can be dampened. Certain psychic powers like seeing in the future for example requires focus. Can be outmatched by beings physical superior to him


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