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Quote from him: “Religion itself was created, to define beings as powerful as us.”

Name: Doryu

Alias: The one who the gods themselves fear.

Age: 150+ Asuras live for thousands of years. 

Date of Birth: Their race’s calender isn’t equivalent to ours because, their planet is closer to a hotter star. The closest date we can say for now is 3/2/1850

Sexuality: Straight

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Nationality: Sparta

Birthplace: The Statue of the End

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5 foot 5

Body Type/Build: My character is buff because, all Asuras are buff. Asuras are buff because, they are a warrior species.

Class: He is part of the asura race in my world. This race has four arms and super strength. They live for battle and constantly evolve during a new battle.

Eye color: Brown

Hair Style: His hair color is pink and his hairline is receeding.

Intelligence or IQ: He is not very intelligent and is naive. He trusts people too much. He is like a typical shonen protagonist

Wisdom/Charisma: He is pretty charismatic to the point where neutral parties are more likely to ally with him.


Stopmotion: He can manipulate the kinetic forces of the universe. Any physical or energy attack’s kinetic energy can be amplified limitlessly of times beyond its original kinetic energy. He Even though manipulating and amplifying kinetic energy is his side ability, his original ability is to stop the kinetic energy/ motion of a target. He can stop the heart beating, he can stop the motion of blood. He can basically control motion and acceleration. This even works on enemies who can resist time stop. He can even defend at conceptual attacks by controlling the motion

Weaknesses: Attacks that don’t travel distance.

Talents: My character is talented even among the asuras in battle. He is very acrobatic and his version two power up where he grows markings on his body amps his strength by 10 times.

Bad Habits: His bad habit is that he bites his nails when he is nervous

Pets: He has a tiny tabby cat as a pet.

Other Traits and Creator Notes: His favorite food is chilli chicken. His DC is tier 5-C but, his hax allows him to fight at the 5D level. 5D is 5 dimensional if you don’t know dimensional tiering. He can manipulate the concepts of motion and direction with his stop motion along with the concepts of kinetic energy.

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