Original Characters

Emerald Conqueror

Name: Elizabeth ᚺᛖᚱᚲᚢᛚᛖᚨᚾ


Alias: Liza, Beth, Little Human


Alignment: Chaotic good



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Species: Human (Enhanced Human)


Age: 18


Personality: Brave, daring, adventurous, tenacious, determined, caring, selfless, Stubborn, Honorable and Hot-Headed


Gender: Female


Sexuality: Bi-sexual


Pronouns: Her/She/Hers



Formerly: Knight

Currently: Daughter of ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᛖᚾ-ᛖᚤᛖᛞ ᚲᛟᚾᛩᚢᛖᚱᛖᚱ/ Monster slayer



Her mother’s necklace: Gives off a warm feeling and a small Holy energy



Conqueror’s Blade: A family Heirloom passed down from generation to generation, somehow staying entirely clean through each

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Armor of The Conqueror: A armor which boosts the wearers condition in various ways…each boost different with each wearer



  • Magically Enhanced Condition
  • Supernatural Condition (Type II)
  • Supernatural Body (Type II)
  • Healing Factor (Type II)
  • Supernatural Durability (Type I. With Armor Type II.)
  • Supernatural Speed (Type I)
  • Supernatural Strength (Type I. With Armor Type II)
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Enhanced Survivability
  • Archetype: Berserker
  • Tranquil Fear
  • Flow motion
  • Feral Mind
  • Berserker Combat
  • Combat Adaptation (Sword fighting only)
  • Enhanced Instincts
  • Supernatural Swordsmanship
  • Killing Instinct
  • Pain Suppression
  • Unpredictability
  • Aim Dodging
  • Training Regimen
  • Combat Magic
  • Physical Augmentation
  • Armor summoning
  • Armor regeneration




  • Hunting Intuition
  • Survival Intuition
  • Animal Intuition
  • Fishing Intuition
  • Swordsmanship
  • Seduction Intuition



Supernatural Condition 3

Meta-fear inducement

Damage to heart or brain will kill her

Being outmatched

Magic Destruction

Magic Absorption



She’s cautious, angry and crafty. But what’d you expect from somebody with her ugly past.


She was born and grew up in a low-class family in a small port, she lived in peace until she was about 6 years old, but at that point life changed drastically.


With all the time her mother spent trying to shield her from it one day she found out She was a part of a long bloodline of famous, cruel, and downright evil warriors.


But with her determination and ingenuity, she managed to conquer all fears and doubts and train to perfection.


This has turned her into the woman she is today.


By doing so, she hopes to change the Herculean bloodline with the idea that she is the only one that can fix her family’s name…



Extra Info:


Is close friends with Drew


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