Realistic Fiction

Dick Richards: Character Sheet

Name: Dick Richards


Age: 59

Sex: Male

Height: 5’11

Weight: 298 lbs

Body Type: Fat, harry, jiggly

Hair Color: Dirty Grey

Hair Type: Man bun

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Strengths: Good at making things up, good golfer

Weaknesses: extremely low emotional intelligence, reverse Midas touch, unemployed, asshole, can’t admit he is wrong, lazy, arrogant, extreme odor, poor visual appeal, poor etiquette, revolting table manners, underachiever, talker, pretentious,

Bad Habits: Talking, chewing with mouth open, talks with food in mouth, making up stories, ruining endeavors (reverse Midas Touch)

IQ: 70

Emotional Intelligence: 0

Fears: being told he is incorrect, being outsmarted

Marital Status: Married (believe it or not)

Children: Three

Pets: Two Cats

Mother: Beatrice

Father: Bill

Common Phrases: “I didn’t say that…what I said was…” “Mark my words…” “We used to….(continues to make up story)”

Backstory: Fat asshole living in suburban neighborhood enjoys spending his days sitting in his recliner playing solitaire on his laptop. Claims to be an excellent businessman, yet has no drive whatsoever, and cannot distinguish fact from fiction. Dick Richards is known for making up stories that display him as an important character, although all people who can manage to listen to him know that everything he says is a lie. Known for the “Reverse Midas Touch” for merely being somewhat involved in multiple businesses that would have been successful if he was not involved.


The Reverse Midas Touch





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