Immortal Commander

The Immortal Commander


I’m in a dark room, blood is dripping from the ceiling, running down from the walls you don’t need to see to tell there was a massacre in here it smelt like a butcher’s, and I was in the centre. People were sprawled across the tables and the chairs all of them dead. I looked around surveying the room like a hawk looking for signs of life. When I saw none, I walked through the room to the front door until I heard a gurgle I turned around facing the man that did it. He was in his late 40s obviously served time because he’s got standard uniform and a buzz cut, he also has a scar on his nose. from the expression, he had before the massacre nothing seemed to scare him easily but the way he looked at me was the expression of true and utter fear like a kid that saw his parents killed right in front of him. I walk over to him my footsteps echoing around the room. He was dragging himself away in a desperate way like he had something to live for but he didn’t, did he? He backed himself against a wall and propped himself up against a table. I had him cornered like a rat. “Unsterblichen Kommandanten” the man whispered it meant “Immortal Commander”. “Yes that is my nickname” I replied while getting out my gun Death Penalty. “we did everything you asked… we have never disobeyed you so why do this?” he says this while coughing out blood. “you were not the answer to my question I’m truly sorry it didn’t work out” I point Death Penalty at his head. “You! are known as the…Gevatter Tod…of the military. The stories about you I believed my Fürher was fantasising, crazy, or inspiring us telling us that he met you” he said. Gevatter Tod meant “Grim Reaper”. “I wish to be a story but I cannot in true honesty” I say coldly. I take a step towards him he draws his gun from behind his pocket. “Zurück! Zurück! Or I will kill you where you stand” he said his hands were visibly shaking, sweat was pouring out from him, there’s also a dark stain on his trousers. Am I that terrifying? “Drop the gun” I say calmly. He tried resisting but his hands opened and the gun fell to the floor clattering next to him. He slumped himself against the wall his eyes devoid of hope he knew he was going to die. “Our Fürher was your answer?” he asked he looked at me expecting me to tell him that everything he did was for something, anything. “No” I said coldly “he was my failure” as I told him this I pulled the trigger setting off a bang! All my memories flooded back. Me joining the army, me having to kill someone, torturing someone, me losing my humanity bit by bit. I was there when my general killed all my comrades for propaganda I stood there so petrified when he came to me and pulled the trigger I closed my eyes and when I opened them everyone was dead expect for me and I still don’t know why. All these memories came flooding back to me but then left in an instant. As the man sat there all life dissipated of him his eyes pen and staring at me, I put Death Penalty away and turned around walking towards the front door. I passed a body on my way out he was also dead the first one to die from my Death Penalty it was the body of a tyrant, the body of my failure, the body of Hitler.

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Hi! I just do this for a hobby and want to get better at creative writing i you have any tips for any of my stories don't hesitate to share

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