Terms and Conditions

1. OC Fancy is not responsible for any similar or duplicated posts, stories, pictures, or media from any other user, author, or entity. As a user, you acknowledge that your work may be shared by other site visitors and may be re-published on other social media sites. OC Fancy does not claim any ownership of a user’s intellectual property including characters, stories, or art, nor do we copyright or trademark any content uploaded by a user. Users may upload stories or media at their discretion and at their own risk.

2. OCFancy.com is intended for entertainment and communication purposes only. Users have the right to share information from ocfancy.com on other platforms and websites.

3. OC Fancy reserves the right to monetize all pages of OCFancy.com, including, but not limited to: personal posts, biography pages, profile pages, and archive pages.

4. By signing up, you acknowledge that OCFancy.com may send emails to your provided address on a regular basis to alert you of site updates and personal notifications. Note: you may personalize your email alerts under your profile.

5. Site admin may choose to “feature” any of your posts on our site homepage and may share a link to them on social media outlets like our Tumblr and Twitter pages. All credit will be given to you.

6. Rules:

  • Users will not publish or share any pictures or information considered illegal.
  • Users will not disrespect fellow members of the OCF community in the form of vulgar or racial slurs, or any other form of cyberbullying. Users that do may have any of these specific posts or comments deleted at the Admin’s sole discretion. Continued abuse may result in account suspension or banned in extreme cases without notice.
  • Users will not share and transmit blatant pornographic media. Erotica is acceptable, as well as images with strong sexual connotations, so long as no featured characters are intended to be under age.
  • Users are allowed to publish stories for any age group or genre. Stories with adult language and content are requested to add an “NC-17” label in the title, although this will not be enforced. Note that users may and are encouraged to mark these kinds of posts as “sensitive.”
  • Users shall not infringe on another author or artist’s original work. Sharing content is encouraged, but please give credit to the original creator to the extent possible.

7. OC Fancy reserves the right to ban users if they continuously break the agreement “terms and conditions.”

8. OC Fancy reserves the right to amend any of the above policies at any time, and it is the user’s responsibility to stay updated on “terms and conditions.”

9. As a user, you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.