Original Characters

Marian Hawke

Marian Hawke, born into a family of mages, grew up in the remote village of Lothering in Ferelden. As the eldest daughter of Malcolm and Leandra Hawke, Marian learned early on to hide her magical abilities from the Templars. Her father, Malcolm, a wise and skilled apostate mage, was her mentor. He taught Marian not […]

Character Sheets Fantasy

Genivere Hawke

*My Hawke from Dragon Age 2! Hopefully I get a picture uploaded with her character sheet soon 🙂   Full Name: Genivere Hawke Game: Dragon Age 2 Gender: Female Sexuality: Bi-sexual Hair color: Black Hair type: Short Race: Human Class: Rogue Body type: Hourglass Romantic interests: Isabella, Leliana Eye Color: Blue     Difficult childhood, […]