the beginning

in the beginning there were only 2 beings, both indescribable one was life galaxy a being of creation and good, the other death galaxy a being of chaos and destruction. life fearing death galaxy sealed away his true form and true capabilities, then she used her powers to create everything from heaven to the mortal […]


Memories of pre chaos part 1: almost there!

The trio wakes up in their homes looking at their clocks, “7:50” for aron “6:50” for mati “6:00” for lusea “Oh crap” aron freaks out inside his head, jumping from his bed to switch clothes. “Im gonna be late!” He screams running all around his house getting ready. “Mom why didnt you wake me up??” […]

Character Sheets Fantasy Original Characters

Character Sheet #6: Tina Magpie

Name: Tina Magpie Alias: Tin/Photo-Pyro Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Good Appearance: Species: Pyrokinetic Human Age: 20 Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Shy, Flirtatious, slightly Bold, Curious, Semi-Hedonistic, Thoughtful and Wise Gender: Female Sexuality: Closeted Gynesexual (Says she’s Straight for now/until she’s ready to come out) Pronouns: She/Her Occupation: N/A Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A Powers/Abilities: •Pyrokinetic Human Physiology •Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition […]



(Okay I need something to be known, Noah is a werewolf but in my history baby werewolf’s ears are entirely magic so they can’t feel if they are tugged on, touched, etc. The Diamos clan (Noah’s Clan) has a ritual then preform on children 3 months after birth where they use magic on the child […]


Science Teacher

Name: Conner Melonis Nicknames: Mr. C, Mr. M, Mr. Mel, Con, Sweetheart Alias: D-Hopper (Dimension Hopper) Age: 21 Personality: Date of Birth: ??? Sex: Male Pronouns: He/Him/His Nationality/Birthplace: Was born in New York, Which is now Sector B-98 Weight: Approximate weight. Is this below average, average, or above average for their class? Height: 6’0 Body Type/Build: Skinny but does […]