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Here Comes Karma: A ‘Heroic Villainy’ Story

Juneau, Alaska, huh? That’s a new one.

  Those were my first thoughts I had as I boarded my First-Class Solo Flight to the location, a little bit intrigued by the location. I haven’t left Grand Island in about 3 years now, but whatever Mrs. Sokolov—who I consider as family despite the fact that I’m older than her and that we’re not biologically related—says is the law. At least in my eyes, it is.

  So with that, I sat down in the upper row as nobody else was on the plane. It was only booked for me anyways, but still. I observed the Flight Crew as they got ready to take off, subtly using my Morality Viewing on them just in case.

  Two Neutral Goods, one Lawful Good and the rest are True Neutrals. I thought to myself, humming as I wrote all this down on a small notepad. ‘Better than a bunch of Chaotic Neutrals. No Evils either. Good.

  As I finished my full documentation of the Flight Crew—their physical description, Morality and behavior, to be exact, the Plane took off. I was used to the jump from ground to air as I had done a similar Flight to get to Grand Island from Little Rock, so this wasn’t my first rodeo. None of this was, if I’m gonna be honest.

  Eventually, what came and went was a rather calm 50-hour Flight. I landed at about 4 in the morning, but thankfully I had learned the trick to sleeping on a Flight. So once the Plane landed, I grabbed my bags and heading out the airport. And while I was expecting my designated Rental Car to be ready for me..I genuine wasn’t expecting to see who was next to it.

  “Hey Karma.” The man I have slowly fallen in love with spoke, referring to me by my Alias for privacy reasons.

  I couldn’t help but blush. “Morning, ‘Brose.” I answered using his nickname that we both agreed to as I joined his side. “Mrs. Sokolov called you down here too?”

  “Not Yelena, but yes.” Ambrose responded as he set my bags in the trunk for me. “Mrs. Valentina was the one who made the request.”

  I paused at the mentioning of a certain name I’ve only heard about from Mrs. Sokolov. ‘Mrs. Valentina? As in..Nightflame?’ I immediately thought, but quickly decided to answer before my mind went on full shock. “Really?”

  “Yep. I’ll explain on the way.” Ambrose states, opening the front passager door for me. “It’s kinda a long story.”

  I nodded, entering the front passenger seat and closing the door behind me before buckling myself in. Afterwards, Ambrose began to drive, speaking to me while doing so.

  “Essentially, Mrs. Valentina thinks you and your friends—specifically the ones you were with when you took down Lisa, Lars and Eden—are ready for the next step.” He states. “As you’ll find out soon, Grand Island isn’t the only city with Supernatural inhabitants.”

  I paused, confused. “So..the rumors are true? There’s actually more of us around the U.S?” I asked.

  “Not just in the U.S, Karma. All over the entire world.” Ambrose replies. “And where we’re going is a Prison filled with them.”

  I simply nodded before looking out the window. As the drive continued, I couldn’t help but feel worried about what might happen, especially if the others—mainly Regina and Marley, who were still in the hospital when I last had contact with them—were to get involved. But I forced myself to keep calm. I couldn’t show weakness. Not right now, at the very least.

  Pull yourself together, Tay.’ I thought to myself while exhaling quietly. ‘You got this. You and everyone else who dealt with those Villains survived thar whole incident. We all can get through whatever Nightflame throws at us..hopefully.

  After a 15-minute drive, Ambrose stopped the car and opened the door for me. And as we headed to the front gates of the Prison, I could only feel a tingle of fear as I read what it was named as;

[Irongrasp Institution]

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