Original Characters


Name: Cherri Magna


Alias: The ‘Leech’, Your Lovely Devourer (Herself), #045 (Number on her inner thigh)


Alignment: Chaotic Evil—> Chaotic Good



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Species: ???


Age: ???



“And we’re gonna have soooooooooooooooooooooooo many kids. Too many, WE CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH THEM!!”


Joyfully, Sadistic, Loving, Caring, A few Screws loose, Oddly intelligent


Gender: Female


Sexuality: ???


Pronouns: Her/She/They/It


Occupation: N/A


Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A



Supernatural Condition/Body (III)

Anatomy Intuition

Linguistics Mastery (Japanese & German)

Infinite Digestive System/Enhanced Metabolism

Indomitable Loyalty


The ‘Parasite’: Within her body lies something, I say something because no one, not even Cherri herself knows what it is. But, according to her, it’s a friend, a very very close friend. She’ll talk to it in her head or sometimes out loud. It’s “body” if you can call it that, looks to be made out of some kind of thread. Cherri has these strong as steel threads running throughout her body. He can use them to throw people and dig into their organs. They can also harden her body at will. Here are some of the other powers that Cherri has via the parasite:


Connective Tissue Manipulation


Biological Absorption


Organic Absorption


Flexible Organs


Anatomical Liberation




Enhanced Longevity


Retroactive Immortality


Perfect Symbiosis


Bio-Thread/Mass Manipulation


Appendage/Tentacle/Organ Generation


Killing Instinct



Absorption Immunity/Absorption Negation


Absolute Death Manipulation/Unavertable Death


Absolute Character Erasure and Absolute Destruction can destroy/erase the user out of existence, as opposed to killing them


Immortality Bypassing/Immortality Negation/Immortality Removal


Immunity Bypassing/Immunity Negation


User’s of Anti-Storage


She can only absorb organic matter


If she loses too much mass, it will weaken her until that mass is replaced


Backstory: N/A


Extra Info:

Neither Malcom or Henry know where she is from.


She stands at 5’6


She loves sour/salty foods


She has an issue with clothing, only liking clothes that are extremely soft


Malcom one time had to fight her just so she could take a bath, this was when they first met.


No one knows if her stitches were self made, a product of her powers, or if she did get into some accident.


The ‘Parasite’ will sometimes show itself by slowly exuding itself from the many stitches around Cherri’s body.


When she was taken in by Malcom and Henry, she took up Henry’s second name and became a little sister figure.


She has little to no sense of fear


Oddly she can speaks Japanese and German Fluently, though she mainly uses these to sing songs in either languages.


She also holds extreme amounts of intelligence of her abilities, along with high knowledge of anatomy


She will sometimes chew on things. Bottle caps, rubber, plastic things, sometime even herself. Not hard enough to draw blood, but.. y’know


There are many theories to what she is.. ranging from an human experimented on by aliens, her being an alien herself, or a science experiment

Both the Parasite and Cherri are DEEPLY in love with Malcom

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