Character Sheets

Character Sheet 1

Name: Xavion “Xavi” Battle Alias: Omen DOB: July 12th, 1997 Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him/His Birthplace: Tulsa, OK, USA Weight: 210 lbs. Height: 6’2″ Body Type: Mesomorph Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Crew cut Superhuman Abilities: Enhanced Accuracy Skills: Multilingualism, Gun Proficiency, Ricochet Attacks, Stealth, Surveillance, PhD in Applied Physics Notes: Xavi works at […]

Original Characters


    – has a type with short long hair furry girls, with buttons -lives with her grandma from Sydney – probably listens to girl in red 24/7 (and maybe lemon demon) – dates a western girl – both top and bottom (mostly top) – works as a detective – hates the heat – has […]