Original Characters

Siren OC Aracine

Name- Aracine
Species– Siren

-Lives very deep in the ocean
-Translucent tail that glows
-White eyes
-Sharp pointy teeth


Siren Song– A haunting melody emerges from the distance. Starting only as whispers but growing into a compelling song the closer you approach. Each note seeps into the core of your being. Their chorus enchanting those fortunate enough to listen, like an irresistible spell that devours your heart. Yearning for the creature that calls to you succumbing to her seduction. Your fingers skim the surface of the sea eager to meet the being behind the voice. You plunge into the waters soon to be in the embrace of the siren, never looking back. Those who knew you never saw you again.

Shapeshifting– You’ve never seen anything as beautiful as her. Finally meeting her face to face washes you with ecstasy. Little did you know her ethereal beauty disguised her malevolent intentions. You quickly come out of your trance when her enchanting voice morphs into a chilling howl. Your heart starts to pound in your chest from sudden fear. She drags you beneath the surface, now unable to breathe and panic setting in. What once was a gentle smile was now wicked with razor sharp teeth. No longer the angelic creature you met just moments ago. She was now a predator with insatiable desires for your demise.


Mirrors show a siren’s true form that nobody wants to encounter, but is usually the last face her victims will ever see.

The sunlight, specifically for Aracine, is torturous. She lives deep within the ocean and will only come to the surface at night.


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I love this Aesthetic @peepso_user_592(PearlsPen) ! Do you do commissions for art?
6 months ago