Original Characters

Lord Of The Fangs

Name: Trevor Javier Angelo V


Alias: Trevor, Blood Breath, Haemo-Maniac


Alignment: N/A



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Species: Alpha Vampire/Vampire Lord


Age: N/A



Hah! You humans, just something amazing!

Joking, Talkative, Sarcastic, Loving, Flirty


I’ll eat every inch of you..I won’t even leave bone..

Masochistic, Violent, Insulting, Smug,


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Pansexual


Pronouns: His/He


Occupation: Vampire Lord


Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A



Personal Body/Cell Manipulation:


Vampire Lord Physiology:

Enhanced Sex Appeal

Seductive Magnetism

Enhanced Synesthesia


Supernatural Regeneration

Supernatural Condition (III)

Supernatural Beauty

Supernatural Durability (II)

Supernatural Reflexes

Supernatural Senses

Supernatural Speed (II)

Supernatural Stamina

Supernatural Stealth

Supernatural Concealment

Supernatural Strength (III)

Vampiric Combat

Weakness Resistance






Tag Combo(s):



Users of Status Lock


Users of Decodification


Complete and total destruction of his body


Can ONLY manipulate his cells and his body


Transcendent Vampire Physiology/Transcendent Werepire Physiology or other vampires of older age and power.


Still posses all of the natural vampire weaknesses but to a lesser degree.


Supernatural Hunter


Alpha Werebeast Physiology


Alpha Werepire Physiology.


Destruction of his brain


Backstory: N/A


Extra Info:

He is 6’2


He and Lucas are actually childhood rivals who have been fighting since 1803

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