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Nole sylith character sheet

he’d probaly have longer horns and a tail i just could add it on the picrew

character sheet ^^

Age or Date of Birth: ??? honestly he doesn’t even know how old he is himself ;( but was born on april 15th

Sex/Gender: demi boy 

Pronouns: he/him, they/them

Nationality/Birthplace: hell/underworld

Weight: 143 (in the average for his height)

Height: 5’8

Body Type/Build: skinny

Class: he’d probably be a rogue or sorcerer

Eye color: pink ^^

Hair Style: medium haircut whit a pony tail that dyed pink (his hair color is white)

Intelligence or IQ: 65

Wisdom/Charisma: probaly has like 4/10 wisdom but like 8/10 charisma 

Strengths: manipulation, charming others,

Weaknesses: relationships, he an charm people but if he gets into a relationship or even gets asked out he just gets anxious or confused

Talents: hes good at playing dnd and good at sewing 

Bad Habits: can be lazy and manipulates people without realizing it

Pets: nope

Other Traits and Creator Notes: he’s a demon he just uses a human form most of the time since its more fun ^^

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im a person, also my pfp and background dont belong to me full credit to artist and the picrew i used

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