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Name: Kyle ‘Kenny’ Thomson

Alias: Helmet-Head, Guy with his head in Space

Spatial Log ID: K4-T25

Alignment: Chaotic Good


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Age: 25


Sometimes, I honestly think your brain is like a blackhole. It sucks up whatever intelligence you might get..

Sarcastic, Talkative, Joking, Caring, Cautious

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation:Crew Member of The Shutterfly Starship

Crew Member Rank: Second Pilot / Combat Pilot


Bracelet Batons (In Pic): On his wrists are seemingly normal communicators but they double as weapons. With a simple motion batons will stick out from the bottom. These are made from extremely durable metal. And do be careful.. they are are extremely painful

Weight/Weight Class: 175 Pounds; Middleweight

Fighting Style: Jeet Kun Krav

Description: A strong and oddly well combined style of Martial arts made by Kyle. Flowing attacks mixed with strikes to lethal areas. His batons also help with this

Techniques: N/A


Dancing/Sarcasm/Insulting/Mechanics/Building Mastery

Dodging Mastery

Weapons Intuition

Peak-Human Abilities:

Peak Human Parkour

Peak Human Stamina

Peak Human Strength

Peak Human Speed

Peak Human Reflexes

Peak Human Recovery

Peak Human Regeneration

Peak Human Lung Capacity

Peak Human Durability

Peak Human Endurance

Peak Human Flexibility

Peak Human Health

Peak Human Immune System

Peak Human Body

Peak Human Agility

Peak Human Balance

Peak Human Dexterity


Still able to be effected by sickness, grave injury and of course death

Insulting others won’t always end up going in the path he wants it to

At times he holds a bit more faith in his body than others. Sometimes taking risks that could lead to his death.

His helmet holds extreme value to him, he never tells why but it does. In the time it is removed it will make him panic and try to scramble for it.

Extreme insecurity with his face

His family & Crew

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He has tried break dancing in 0 gravity 3 times.

He has removed his helmet multiple times, no one was ever around to paying attention to see his actual face.

His bracelets/Batons were made by him.

In his part of the ship, there are multiple drawn pictures of him and his family.

He is 5’9

His favorite songs are



-Teenagers by MCR


N/A (Looking currently)

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