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Character Profiles: Tyrant

Hello! Sorry for not showing anything for a while, I’ve been on holiday for the past week. As an apology, lets take a look at a villain who just might give Jack Barrick the fight of his life. A fight he may not win. Enjoy!

Villain Name: Tyrant
Superpower: Genetically created to be the superior in every situation. Combat, Analytical tasks, Skill. All of it. The perfect living being ever seen. Has super strength, durability, stamina and is able to shape his body to fit any combat situation.

Tyrant is perfect. No more, no less. During the early stages of the Superhuman Rise, the governments of the world gathered data on some of the first top superheroes and villains and had the scientists and geneticists of the world create a being capable of wiping out them all, in case such a situation were to arise. In the end, they succeeded after thousands of failed tests. But the success was short lived, as this artificial human remembered it all. All the genetic memories of his “brothers” were incased into his mind, and it drove him mad. He knew he was above all, including his creators. He almost destroyed his creators and the heroes and even villains who banded together to stop him. Only after being finally beaten by the worlds greatest hero, Absolute Victory, was he sealed away in a cryo chamber, never to be awoken. But he is still alive, just in cryo sleep. So the question remains. When will he return? When will he bring about the end of the superhero era? Or better yet…

Who’s to say, he hasn’t done so already?

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