Original Characters

Hugh Everett: Harry Potter OC

Full Name: Hugh Mason Everett

Nicknames: Hu boy, Evs, Everett, Hu

Age: 16

Hair Color: Black

Body Type: Tall, slim

Eye Color: Green

House: Ravenclaw

Backstory: Hu grew up in a muggle family in inner London in the early 1920s. He received his Hogwarts letter when he was 11 years old and was most eager to learn. He always loved getting into trouble, or more accurately, he loved shenanigans. He was the original prankster. Hu always lit up the room with his sense of humor and was admired in his boarding school by his fellow students. His years at Hogwarts, were filled with wild adventures and jokes. He never regretted a thing.


AN: I’m not much of an artist but I just found a really great avatar creator, so I’ll try to get some pictures up soon!

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I am relatively new to the world of OCs, but I look forward to just letting people read about and enjoy my characters!

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