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Insider Secrets!

In this post, I’ll be detailing some insider secrets and answer any questions anyone may have (if you got any). Anyway, lets get into it! Enjoy!

1. The heros in this universe aren’t technically superheros per say. At least not in the way you and me see superheros daily, like Spider Man or Captain America. These heros are essentially, a public service, like the police or the fire department. Some heros assist the police, others assist the fire department by helping put out fires or stop fires all together. When superhumans began to surface, the Association was founded by a rich businessman who believed these superhumans could not only assist humanity to evolve but also to assist them daily, helping solve crimes as well as stopping criminals. The villains however simply chose to live that way, just as the heros chose to fight them.


2. As you may have noticed, a few super powers have a few repercussions for using them. An example of this would be Jack Barricks own unstoppable super strength. While creating these heroes and villains, I wanted to give them powers that had infinite potential, but also infinite repercussions. Jack Barrick can become strong enough to lift whole sky scrapers and maybe even bigger than that, but that would seriously put him at the adrenal limit. His adrenal limit is basically how much adrenaline can be in his body before his heart can’t take it, he enters cardiac arrest, and dies. Not to mention his own punches can break bones (usually his).

3. Following along with the public service thing, some heroes do actually operate in teams, and therefore have an operator, who guides them while they are out in the field. The operator keeps track of their location, uses mapping and tracking equipment to locate their current objective, and keeps track of their current physical condition to bring them back safe. Recruit Team LL – 65s operator goes by the name of Emily Parker and she got quite the shock when Jack Barricks heart rate shot up and bones were suddenly broken! (It was her first day she panicked!)


4. While the main character is Jack, the others are equally important. They have their own goals, own demons and will all face different challenges. But they learn to trust each other just a little bit more and eventually become a force to be reckoned with! The current members of LL-65 are:

Zap (Tyler Brochen, leader)

Hammer Jack (Jack Barrick)

Hysteria (Felicity Pittman)

Riot (Axel Caldwell)

The Ghoul (Kyle Caldwell)

Jonny Yakuza (no known hero alias)


5. I realize that I haven’t fully flushed out the personalities of these heroes yet. Each character has a personality that makes them their very own

Jack’s personality is quite shy and reserved at times. He likes his privacy and considers himself an introvert to an extent. However his resolve and will are nigh unbreakable and his devotion to his allies as well as those he believes need to be defended are something to be admired. He is also quite lazy and procrastinates often. Other than this, he enjoys video games, and telling bad jokes that usually make no sense. However, get him mad and trust me. No amount of steel walls, crazy superpowers or straight up firepower is gonna stop him from beating the hell out of you.

Tyler is quite the leader. Charismatic, easy going and friendly, he is always willing to help anyone and finds the time to make sure his teammates are comfortable and safe. He has a friendly rivalry with Jack, with the two being friends for so long. He misses Alice as much as Jack does; the three were a trio during their school days and were inseparable. Tyler becomes very assertive during a crisis, making sure to lead his team with utmost efficiency. Tyler enjoys reading, and logical puzzles, as well as science. (No amount of science has helped him decipher Jack’s jokes however)

Axel is the loudmouth joker of the group, always telling stories of great heroics that he wouldn’t even have existed at the time of their occurrence. His ego makes up at least 75% of his thought process, always making sure to remind everyone of how great he is. When he’s not doing this, hes hounding Jack for combat tips and trying to beat many of his own personal records. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with machines, annoying Tyler, arguing with Kyle over things that make no sense, and playing video games (not realizing Jack beats him almost every time. I say not realizing because he never seems to count his losses. Strange.)

Kyle is, funnily enough, the total opposite of his explosive twin brother. Kyle enjoys the finer things, always reading the finest book, wearing the finest clothes and generally being a bit of a snob. But he shows respect where respect is due, and makes sure his teammates have that respect. He enjoys painting, and proving Axel wrong (a hobby of which will never be boring). As well as this, he has an ego of his own, but shows more self control. Though not too much


That’s it for now. I’ll add more should I need to or a question requires a long answer (sorry in advance!) Enjoy the read!

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