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Character Profiles: Kane Xavier aka Absolute Victory

Every story of heroes and villains needs a greatest of them all right? Well, heres the profiles of the number one professional hero, known and loved the world over. But there’s more to him than first glance. EVERYONE has their secrets…

Real Name: Kane Xavier
Hero Name: Absolute Victory
Codename: One
Superpower: Amplification of muscle growth and control of muscle growth proteins allows him to obtain strength, speed, stamina and others to reach a level that some would consider godlike. He’s the worlds greatest for a reason.

Backstory: For Kane, it was the name at first. He didn’t care about his superpower, or his looks. It was the name. The name is the key. So choose a name he did. The name he felt would go down in history as the worlds greatest and strongest hero ever to walk the earth. He was still a young man when Tyrant began his cascade of terror. Due to his youth and arrogance, Kane faced Tyrant, in a battle that I’m sure the very planet itself shook from the ferocity, and almost lost his life in the process. Were it not for Mama Glam, then in her 40s, Kane would be the one wheelchair bound this day. But it was seeing this sacrifice of a great hero, that awoke something in him. A power it seems that could only have come from a god. To us, it looked like strength. To Kane, it was rage. Rage that built til it exploded with such ferocity that for the next few painstaking moments, there was no higher being other than Kane Xavier, and the demon he now faced. Kane fought with everything his mind, body and soul could dish out, until at last, Tyrant fell and fell harder than anu villain had fallen before. It was then that onlookers, heroes, villains and ordinary people alike, gazed upon the victory of the greatest hero who ever lived. Absolute Victory. He will do whatever he feels is right to protect the people he chose to protect. No matter what that may be….

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