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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 0

You ever wonder what its like to be a superhero? With the spandex (weird tights by the way; people forget that a lot) and the cool powers and catchphrases and all that jazz. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Save the world, get the girl (or guy, I don’t judge!) alls well in super land and the like. Funnily enough, I happen to be a super hero. Not that web slinging kind nor the shield throwing patriot type like you guy’s have. My hero’s are pretty different. Maybe

Dammit, where are my manners? Names Jack Barrick. They call me Hammer Jack. And uhh, well I guess this is my story. The story of how I became the best of the best. Fighting the good fight for those who can’t! Hold on to your butts, this is gonna be a ride!

So. My story starts just like anyone elses, on a typical Tuesday morning. Though I assume your day doesn’t involve people with crazy ass superpowers and the smell of gorgeous baked goods. Well that’s what it was for me. I awoke in my pretty small but comfortable apartment. It sits above a sweet little cafe that my Aunt Patti owns. She’s a friend of my mom and she owes my mom a favour for saving her cafe when my mom was a hero. So I cashed in on it, now I got a place to live almost rent free. Almost. Anyway, I got up, slipped on my slippers because I’m blind and the irony is funny so it’s getting mentioned and stared at the ceiling for about a minute before getting back up. I happened to catch a glimpse of my calendar as I rose, realizing today was the day! I had recently applied for the Association, and I got accepted! Today was my tryout day you could say, and god damn I couldn’t be late. I made some toast and ate it so fast I’m pretty sure my tongue didn’t even touch the bread then got dressed making sure to pack my hero outfit in a sports bag. At that point, I didn’t really know how I wanted to look as a hero since….

Anyway, I chose a sick looking leather jacket my mom gave me one time. It still fit which I found kind of weird but didn’t think too much of it. The collar stuck up too, just to give me that extra jazz. Still does in fact. Never go out without it. Back on track, I packed the rest of my outfit into my bag and zipped it up. There wasn’t much else to my outfit; just some battered jeans and some work boots I got ages ago. Nothing you’d see a professional wear but it was good enough for me and the fact I’m still wearing it now proves it served the purpose I wanted it to serve. I stepped out onto the street and took in the sunshine and air of Sidestep City. Weird name I know, but honestly of all the things in this world, counting the people with superpowers too, its not really too weird. The city’s smell however; you get used to it.

It was almost as if the whole universe sensed my intentions that day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear and people of all kinds seemed to be enjoying their day. Hell, a few pros went by waving and saying hi to people as they rushed off to work. As for me, well I totally forgot I was actually walking in the middle of the street!  A street funnily enough packed with other human beings! And I smacked right into two that, looking back on it now, I’m grateful that I did. Partially anyway.

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