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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 1

Where was I again? Oh yeah! Also don’t ask about the chapter numbers, this wasn’t my idea and I’ve got not clue how to actually write this so bare with me. Anyway, back to the story. I had just bumped into one of the two people who honestly I consider some of my closest friends and allies. I wouldn’t even be alive right now if it weren’t for these two. But right now, one of them was screaming at me like a raptor on its period. This would have actually bothered me, had it not been for the fact that his forehead barely made it to my chin. Though his wild, flame-like orange hair added to his height. And I don’t mean ginger looking hair. I mean had I noticed this kid before I smacked into him, I would’ve assumed instantly that his scalp had caught fire.

“Hey!” He snapped, while snapping his fingers at me “you blind or somethin’?! Watch where yer goin’ next time ya big stonefaced goon!”. Honestly holding back laughter was the hardest thing a guy with super strength in that situation could hold, but hearing the guy who was with him caught me a little off guard. “Axel for Christ sake leave him alone, we’re going to be late!” Firehead gave me one last scowl, got on a bus and was away faster than I’d met him. I’ll admit I did stand there in the street for a while thinking that actually happened but today was my day, and nothing was gonna spoil it. Nothing dammit!
Though the bus he caught was for me too. And after realizing this fact did I decide to walk to whole way. Cardio always helps. What, you think just cause I have super strength I don’t need exercise? Well I’ll have you know that exercise increases my strength limit. How do I know that? Good question; I don’t. Not a single clue. But it makes sense right? (I know now that it does. What’s important is that I’m right). Anyway, the walk wasn’t too bad. I saw Starlight stop a bank robbery at breakneck speed and bought a coffee at my other favourite coffee place, other than my Aunt Patti’s. I walked for about an hour before the building I was looking for came into view. And god damn was that place HUGE. It took up a good section of the city all on its own, not counting recruitment living spaces and training ground. I looked all around and people from all over were making their way in and out. It was almost like watching a machine. Ever turning gears in an unbreakable system. And I was gonna be the strongest gear in that system. Also metaphors are pretty cool when you visualize em. Neat huh?

From the outside it was awesome but when I got inside, not only was way, WAYYYY more magnificent on the inside, I suddenly realized how nervous I actually was, not to mention being an introvert surrounded by what might as well have been a country’s worth of people. You know that tight feeling you get in your chest? When you’re trying really, really hard not to panic but are obviously panicking? Yeah, I had that the whole time I was there. It lessened though, once I found the recruitment desk. The woman sat behind seemed nice enough. She asked for my form so I handed it to her. She inspected it almost as if she’d though I’d poisoned it then proceeded to ask me a few questions. Nothing unusual, just general life questions and such. Almost like I was applying for a regular job which is actually what being a superhero is for us. It’s just a job. For some its fame and money and all that comes with. For me…well let’s just say I wasn’t doing it for me. I had my reasons which I won’t share right now but I will eventually. Once you’ve earned it.

After I got everything sorted out, the woman directed me to wait in a specified seating area to wait for my instructor. I nodded and proceeded to my little area and sat down. I let out a sigh and the excitement began to grow. I was actually here! I have my dream job! I ended up grinning yo myself, trying to contain my excitement until I noticed to other people coming this way. I didn’t recognize them at first, but I heard his voice and I’m pretty sure I silently cursed every one of the powers that be. “Hey! Its that goon who whacked me!” I looked up and fire head and that guy he was with were stood in front of me before sitting next to me. “Sorry about my brother back there. I hope he didn’t upset you or anything like that”. Now that I had got a good look at him, the other one looked freakishly like fire head. Except he wasn’t all wild. He was smartly dressed, dark brown hair that was neatly done and his demeanour was very calm. Literally the polar opposite. “Uhh no, not at all. I just didn’t expect to see you two here” I laughed to myself albeit awkwardly. “Well in any case, my names Kyle. Kyle Caldwell” he held out his hand for me to shake and I did so gladly, somewhat relieved that he wasn’t totally insane. The three of us talked for a while and honestly, it was a decent conversation. I found out they were twins (never would’ve guessed!) And that Kyle can turn invisible. Pretty standard but I also found out fire head, or Axel as I had got to know him by, could blow stuff up with explosions from his hand! How cool does that sound!?! After a while, two other people joined our little area. One was a japanese looking dude who wore a suit, which looked like if you asked him about it, it would probably be more than ten thousand dollars. He looked like he was straight outta the Triads or the Yakuzas which I later learned that he was. The other person though, a woman, was just…

She was one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. Though at the time, I never even let myself think it. I was here for someone else. Not for her.

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