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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 2

You ever see someone that, no matter how much it goes against every basic instinct and every single thing you tell yourself, you know this person is gonna be special to you? Like they’re gonna leave one hell of a mark on your life, good or bad? That’s the feeling I got from her. “Oh hi!” She almost screamed, but it was all excitement and she wasn’t scared to let anyone see. “My names Felicity! You guys can call me Fe if you want, its nice to know I’m not alone” she smiled at us one by one but eyed me up a little. At the time I assumed she thought I was gonna be competition, but I didn’t see anything remarkable about her, save for how pretty she was. Her skin was tanned, not too dark, not too light. Her brown hair was short, and had blonde highlights. Its style was not too unlike mine but she had her fringe stuck up in a kind of horn, unlike mine which goes off to the right. Best I can do since my hair is usually a mess. Regardless, she seemed nice enough so when she sat next to me we started talking. The other guy though…
He sounded like he really, really did not wanna be here. Though I did catch his name. Johnny Yakuza. Weird but like I said, what’s really weird anymore.

About an our passed and from the looks of things, almost all the seating areas were full. “How long is this gonna take? Just make me awesome already!” Axel said, clearly very impatient. It took a further ten minutes for our instructor to find us, and when I saw who it was. Well, lets say I think my heart actually stopped.
“Hey you’re all here! Sorry for being late, there was an incident down Parkside but I got here as quick as I could”. I didn’t even have to look up to recognize who that was, but I did anyway. It was him. Tyler Brochen. My best friend since pre school and….the one who took me down. He noticed me. There was no way he didn’t but he didn’t say a word. He said hi to everyone in his usual cheerful way and took us to a small locker room. Even today I still think as advanced as this place is, why do they still have locker rooms from what 1996? I’ll never know. Anyway, he told us to get changed into our hero outfits (“I hope you remembered. You really should’ve if you wanted to be here”. I swear he was always like that) then told us to go to training ground 8 and he’d wait for us there. Seemed easy enough. The outfits for the others were pretty cool.

Axel had what I hoped at the time wasn’t stolen but of course, it was. Police riot armour. He’d somehow pulled out the SWAT sewn on and spray painted an backwards R in orange paint on his chest. “Its for Riot” he proclaimed proudly, before being reminded that the R was backwards. Felicity has what looked like a typical hero outfit. Though it had a weird pattern on it. She told us it was element proof and at the time I had no idea what they could’ve meant. As for Johnny….he didn’t change at all. “This is my outfit. Three thousand dollars, made for the best”. A little lower than what I thought but it’ll do I thought to myself, my respect growing somehow for this guy. As for me, well I’d be lying if I didn’t say on our way to training ground 8, people were staring at me. Couldn’t tell if it was because they were thinking what a dumb ass or they thought I looked cool. At the moment, I didn’t care. The way I saw it, they were looking at the best and they didn’t even know it!

Half way there however I got hit with something in hindsight, probably should’ve seen coming. As we made our way through a tunnel leading out to the training grounds, something grabbed me and pulled me into what looked like a small maintenance room. And that voice was all too familiar
“What in that name of fuck ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!”
Looks like ol’ Zap wanted answers…

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