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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 3

“What in the name of fuck ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!”. I mean first off I could tell he was mad. He does this thing where sparks fly out of his eyes, which is cool sometimes but when it pointed AT you it’s pretty scary. Even for me, and I’m the guy who could put him through a wall. Actually, I did that one time. Maybe I’ll tell you about it. Anyway, I was racking my brain trying to think of an answer. Honestly; I couldn’t. Not til he asked another one “where’s Alice? If she finds out you’re here or god forbid anyone else does they’ll arrest you!”. At that point, I couldn’t help but react. My head went low and I just…
I don’t like admitting my feelings. I learnt pretty young that when you’re as strong as me, feeling the wrong way can make you do things you never thought you would. And you only do because no matter what you tell yourself, the thought of crushing someones skull because they called you fat will always be at the back of your mind. And funnily enough I was there for a feeling. So I told him.

“She’s dead Ty….” I looked up just as I said it, and the look I saw on his face; one of the very things I’ll never, ever forget from this little journey of mine. A mixture of grief and the kind of pain only losing an old friend can make. I felt the same, but…. look Alice was gonna be my wife. We had planned to get married and five of the biggest scumbags on earth tricked her, tortured her and threw her out a 12 story building. And I was there to make sure they get what was coming to em. “W-what happened? If you had something to do with it…” Right then I’d be lying if I didn’t say I might’ve overreacted. Needless to say I had him by his collar against the wall of the maintenance room and I’m pretty sure I scared the living daylights out of him.

“Don’t you dare say that to me! You got some nerve even thinking that!”

“Okay okay! I’m sorry! I just wanna know what happened!”

“She was murdered is what happened” I said, letting him go. See what I mean about doing things you don’t wanna do? Honestly I tried to hold back there. But like I said, having super strength means you’ll always have the brutal option in the back of your mind no matter what. In any case, I gave Tyler more answer and explained to him what happened on the way there. We got to the training ground and it looked like the recruitment event hadn’t started yet. Felicity turned and was the first to notice us approaching “hey! Where did you guys go, we were worried!”. I shot Tyler a look and as usual, he was trying to come up with a detailed explanation. Obviously it was a lie, but he always overdoes it. So I chimed up, mixing some truth into it “me and him are old friends. Knew each other since pre-school”. She smiled at the thought, saying that its kind of cute that we’re old friends finally reuniting. I have to say, getting Tyler to understand early on helped a lot. With him being so highly ranked he’d be able to train us up good and proper and I’d be free to start tracking these guys down. As these thoughts were running through my head, Tyler called us all to attention and explained what was gonna happen, as all the other instructors were doing to their teams.

“Okay so in there” he said, pointing toward quite possibly the biggest gate I’d ever seen. How big does a gate have to be to not be a gate anymore? A good question; won’t be answered here though. He continued, trying his hardest not to go into a full presentation.

“In there are fully functional battle bots. They are armed with taser like energy beams. They don’t hurt, so don’t worry about getting hit, but they’ll paralyze you for about an hour. Regardless, your objective is pretty simple. You can work as a team, or fly solo but you have to ‘rescue’ a few dummy bots that are hidden around the area. Points are given for the well being of the dummy bots as well as actions preformed and number of bots smashed. You’ll be assed on teamwork, power scale and power severity. However the higher ups decide whether I keep you as recruits. Any questions?”

And just like that he gave a freaking presentation. Told you he does that. Can’t help being smart. In any case, Kyle was the only one to ask a question “my power is invisibility. How will I be able to assist?” Tylers answer was pretty good, even I had to agree. “That you’ll have to figure out yourself. I’ll be watching you fight and assessing you, but I can’t give instructions. This test is to see how well you handle yourself in the time you’ve had prior”. As he finished, a loud buzzing sound went off, startling us a little and the gates slowly parted, revealing what looked like….

An exact replica of Parkside! “Holy crap!” Axel exclaimed as we entered “its almost no different!” As for me, well I was shocked to see but I couldn’t help but think this was all familiar. Like, I swear I’d seen it before, in a TV show or something. It was pretty quiet for a while, no sign of battle bots nor dummy bots. Til another buzzer went off and about seventy of the bastards jumped us! This was gonna be interesting. To say the least;

I froze….
I hate to say it, but I panicked and I fucking froze….

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