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The Association of Super Beings and Extraordinary Humans: Chapter 4

Of all the things that happened on my way to the top, that’s one I’m still not proud of. You’d think, being as strong as I am I’d be the first to start kickin’ ass. Well you’re wrong. Remember, I’m not invincible. The force of a punch I throw goes right back into my arm and these are robots. METAL robots. I guess I froze because I realized I’d hurt myself pretty bad. Or maybe it was because I couldn’t fight like I used to, in case one of the elites recognized it. Honestly I’ll never know. All I knew in that moment there were way, way too many bots, and I was still stood still like a freaking statue. The only time I moved was when one built like a bulldozer slammed it’s fists down at me, and I reacted before I could even think about reacting. I taught myself how to fight like that. Let the body do the work; the mind steers it. That way, I don’t do anything I’ll regret. Its sorta like numbness. I’ll explain it better another time, lets continue. Anyway, I managed to jump my way to the side just before that huge bot squashed me and I have to say, I didn’t expect one that size. When I landed, I ran to cover behind a concrete pillar and just watched. Watched as my comrades did some of the most batshit crazy, yet awesome things I’d ever seen.

Axel was catapulting himself at breakneck speed right at these tin cans, wreaking them with explosions then flinging himself at either the biggest, or the biggest crowd. Johnny the mad man was knocking em down all Bruce Lee style; I’m pretty none of em laid a finger on him! He kept kicking and slamming and dislocating robo limbs til I’m sure even the bots learned to back away. And Felicity; she was just, like, wow. Drenching bot after bot with fire, ice and even lightning! The more I watched the more I realized. I was the only one not out there. The only one not even trying. I wasn’t scared, I just froze. I’ll never know why. Then as I watched I noticed; one had gotten a lucky taze on Kyle! It looked like it was gonna put him in some weird laser cage, probably to take him to a waiting area for those who failed. At that point, all I can say is I reacted. Before the bot could even open the cage, I had my arms around it’s waist and I suplexd that bitch as hard as my body would let me! After that, I pried its arm off to make sure it couldn’t try that again. I grabbed Kyle and moved somewhere less open “You okay?! Can you move?!?” I said, unsure of what to do. She shook his head but surprisingly could still talk “Don’t worry about me. Just go help them!” I looked at my new allies, noting that they were starting to struggle. I looked back at Kyle, knowing he’d be fine since you know, invisibility and such.

I rushed back out and noticed Axel was getting damn near pummled by the big guy who tried it with me earlier. I had to think this time; my body wouldn’t have been fast enough otherwise! I grabbed a pillar and hoisted it with all the strength I had. “Hey! Rust bucket!” As the bot turned I slammed the pillar over my head and down onto the bots. It didn’t do much but Axel caught on and blew its legs out from under it! As it fell, I jumped on its chest, and rammed my own square in the middle, ensuring that a) it’s not getting back up and b) it was gonna leave one hell of mark by the morning. My fist hurt like hell afterward and I hoped it wasn’t broken. Thankfully it wasn’t but it was bright red and a little swollen. It happens a lot but hey, you get used to it. Johnny didn’t seem to be having much trouble; dude just kept kicking ass like nothing else mattered. I looked around for Fe, and saw her waving from one of the buildings. “She musta found one of the thingies we need!” Axel exclaimed and sure enough, he was right. She had found two and was trying escort them down but packs of those damn bots where scaling the building like ants! How no one has died from this I’ll never know. Regardless of the seemingly endless wave of bots, I did what I figured would work. I crouched a lil, gathering as much strength as I could and jumped right to the top! Granted I may have messed up the landing a little bit and pain shot through my legs like razors were in my blood but I ignored it. I got good at that early on too. Fe rushed over, panicking a little bit “are you okay!?! D-do you need me to-” before she could finish another bot build like a tank burst through the floor and dragged us both down into the lower floors. The buildings were empty which somehow surprised me but I couldn’t think about that now. I got slammed into the very bottom floor and heard a huge crack and pain rushing through my chest like I’d been shot. Yup, rib cracked. Brilliant I thought, gritting my teeth. I stood up slowly, trying to steady myself. It didn’t help that much. My vision was blurry and by the time it went away I got my world rocked and smacked straight out onto the replica street.

I remember looking up and seeing Fe and Johnny trying to get me up, then the big tin scaring em away. I almost got caged up, had I not trashed the jailer trying trap me. My body stung from pain just absolutely everywhere. It didn’t make me want to quit. Hell I even remember seeing a few of the medical heros and actual paramedics telling some pros who were watching looking like they wanted me outta there. I’ll tell you right here right now that the only thing feeling that amount of pain did was make me mad. Mad that if I hadn’t stood there catching flies I would be in top shape! So I decided to vent. I ignored the burning in my chest and belted full force at that walking can! I jumped up onto its back and pulled it down by grabbing its jaw and pulling as hard as I could!
It hit the ground and shook the surrounding area pretty bad. I started smacking it right in the head as fast as my body would let me. ‘Bullet-fist Barrage’ I hear people call it. I would’ve gone for Demon Rush but I like the former better. Rolls off the tongue don’t ya think? If you want a good visual, picture any kind of punching that’s so fast it looks like I got more then two arms. Yeah, I can do that. It hurts like hell mind, but its style you know? Have to make an impression. Anyway, after I popped its head wide open, I jumped off its chest, grabbed it by the head flung it at another wave. “Try me now you oversized kids toy!” I screamed. Not the best of insults but hey; heat of the moment. I almost passed out from the pain but luckily I held on to consciousness pretty well. The exercise finished about five minutes after that. I got treated pretty quickly. The tech they had was crazy! They fixed my ribs and the swelling in my hand in about five minutes and I was up and ready to go in no time! Granted they put up with some screaming but I mean it’s pretty understandable. Anyway, I found Tyler, and he lead my to a waiting area with food and drinks and the other candidates. Lots of other candidates. Before he left to present the scores he told me “you are absolutely insane. That’ll get you far here”. We high fived and he was on his way. It was nice to be friends again at last. Thunder and Lightning, back at it again! Oh yeah I forgot, Thunder and Lightning was the nickname our teachers gave up. Pretty sweet; we even had it put onto t-shirts. Gotta get the merch out early I guess. I found Fe and the others and got showered with both compliments and scoldings
“That was badass! You were like ‘ahhhh!’ And went in and OHMYGODYOURAWESOMEBEMYFRIENDPLEASE!!!”. I stepped back a bit since I was afraid he’d bite me but I agreed to be his friend on the exception he never do that again. Ever. Fe was pretty concerned however;

“Don’t do that again! You could’ve died there”
“But I didn’t”
“I know that but you can’t just go crazy like that! You hurt yourself pretty bad!”
“But I’m fine now. It’s nothing really I can work through whatever they throw at me”

I’m pretty sure I broke every bit of common sense she had but I reminded her I’m super strong. I’ll be fine the way I am. Then, almost out of no where, King Steel himself parted the crowd in his bigass suit of intimidating armour and, began to give a speech. I don’t really remember much of it so don’t expect me to write it down. From what I do remember, he thanked everyone for taking part and wished good look to the next generation. Then other agents handed out sealed envelopes to every other recruit in the room including myself. King Steel explained “inside zhese letters are your scores! You may open zhem if you wish to now. Good luck!” And with that, he began interacting with some of us.

Axel practically bit open his envelope and actually got through. They noticed his volatile power but recognised with time and a few tweaks it could be put to better use. Kyle even got through, and got a special commendation for his tactical knowledge and leadership skills. Johnny didn’t really get much, just comments on his exceptional martial arts skill. Felicity got an offer to be tutored by The Blight Witch herself! The greatest elemental hero who ever lived! I almost flipped when I heard that. I’ve been her fan for years. Don’t ask.

As for mine, my heart went straight into my stomach. I had gotten through sure enough, but I was to have a meeting with Mama Glam the oldest member beside King Steel. The telepath. That meant she knew…

Oh boy….this ain’t good…

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