Elwin Levere Backstory

Elwin had no memory before the day he came to in the middle of the woods. He woke up, bloody, wearing torn up clothes and holding an empty flask. He stood up slowly and grabbed the nearest tree branch to help him regain his balance. Not knowing what else to do, he worked his way to the edge of the woods and searched for the nearest town.


Poor, the little elf felt the need to find work and shelter. He meandered the town and came across the pub. That was where he met Catlin. Catlin ran the pub and kept things running smoothly. He approached her and ordered the “strongest drink” she had. It was 10 a.m. She asked for his name. He didn’t know what to tell her, only that he honestly didn’t know who he was. She decided to call him “Elwin,” after her grandfather.


Elwin and Catlin chatted for hours. After the pub closed up for the night, she invited him to her upstairs room for sex.


Elwin left early the next morning to keep exploring the town for work. After days without luck, he turned to pick-pocketing and petty theft. At day’s end, his pockets would be filled with gold and silver coins. One day, he was caught in the act, but not from the man he was stealing from. A man approached Elwin from across the street and offered to buy him a drink. Hugo, as he was called, sat down with him to tell him he admired his dexterity and skill. He offered Elwin a job. The job was something he had never done before: track down and kill a man who had once crossed Hugo. He paid half up front, 150 gold. Elwin accepted and left town to search for him. Hugo has not seen him since.


Update: Elwin found a little red fox in the woods! He named him Kitkat

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