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Name: Xavion “Xavi” Battle Alias: Omen DOB: July 12th, 1997 Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him/His Birthplace: Tulsa, OK, USA Weight: 210 lbs. Height: 6’2″ Body Type: Mesomorph Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Crew cut Superhuman Abilities: Enhanced Accuracy Skills: Multilingualism, Gun Proficiency, Ricochet Attacks, Stealth, Surveillance, PhD in Applied Physics Notes: Xavi works at […]

Original Characters

Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 2: Naomi)

That afternoon at the Research Facility, the researchers were stuck still struggling to figure out what to do about the situation. “How are modules 3 and 4 looking?” said Miss Akure..

“They are completely scrambled, I can’t even get power to them” said another one of the researchers.

“Man, this place is trashed. All of that hard work gone.”

“We’ll have to get a detective involved in this one, this is serious” said Miss Akure.

The researchers called the japanese police, and they quickly arrived to the scene. The chief arrived and the researchers explained to him what had happened. “If what you say is true, this is beyond the scope of the japanese police.. I know just the super detective for this case” said the chief..

At a gorgeous mansion with an ocean view, a cell phone rings and a young woman picks it up

At a gorgeous mansion with an ocean view, a cell phone rang and a young woman picked it up.. The young woman was very beautiful with a curvaceous and fit figure nearly on par with Jaakuna.

“Hello?” said the young woman.

“We’ve come across a very serious case, please come to Okinawa research facilities as soon as possible”. said the chief.

“Ok, I understand. I’ll be there within the hour.” Naomi turned on the shower, and took off her t-shirt as her large breasts bounced in the process. Naomi stepped into the shower, lathering her curvaceous figure.. “The chief mentioned something about secret weapons, I wonder what he meant” thought Naomi. Naomi stepped out wrapped in a towl, with her breasts tightly squeezed in the towel. She stepped over to her closet, and pulled out a green tank top, leggings, and a golden jacket. She slipped into her leggings pulling them up, which caused her booty to jiggle. She then slipped her tank top over her head, and over her breasts, cleavage exposed through the deep neck line. She then slipped on her jacket keeping it unbuttoned, coming down to about navel length, which created the perfect canvas for her curvaceous figure as it hugged her breasts, but still stayed open enough to show of her full figure.

Naomi rushed in her charger to the scene of the crime

Naomi rushed in her charger to the scene of the crime. Once she arrived she was immediately greeted by the chief to the researchers.

“This is Detective Naomi, she’ll definitely take care of this for you guys. She has solved every case she has been assigned to in record time”. said the chief.

“Thank you so much, Naomi.” said the Miss Akure.

“It’s my pleasure. Can you take me to the lab so I can make an assessment?”

“Of course, it’s right this way” the researcher said, as she showed Naomi to the lab.

“Wow, whoever did this, left no stones unturned.” said Naomi as she surveyed the wrecked lab.

“Yeah, and the crazy part is that there is no footage of whoever broke in last night. We checked the footage, and it shows nothing happening, I’ve never seen anything like it”. said the researcher.

“Do you mind if I have a copy of the surveillance footage from last night?” said Naomi.

“Of course, although I don’t think it will reveal much.” Miss Akure gave Naomi a disc containing the footage, as Naomi assured the researchers that she would find whoever was responsible.

Back at her home, Naomi replayed the footage a few times to see if she can catch anything.

“Hmm, they weren’t kidding, there is absolutely nobody in this footage. Wait, let me see something”. Naomi noticed a small computer screen in the background that displayed the date 10/23/2020. “If today is the 25th, that means the sabotage took place on the 24th, so why does that screen say the 23rd? Surely they didn’t make a mistake and give me the wrong footage.” Naomi began to realize what was happening. “If this wasn’t a mistake, then that means whoever sabatoged that lab, was skilled and smart enough to somehow switch the footage to the prior day all without getting caught. There’s only one person I know, who’d be capable of something like that. Surely, it couldn’t be. after all this time?”

Naomi called the researchers, after discovering a big clue. “I have a pretty good idea who’s behind this.” said Naomi.

“Really? who is it?” said Miss Akure.

“It’s a woman named Jaakuna. I don’t have any solid proof, but as she was once a former colleague of mine when I used to work in the FBI, this seems like her handiwork.”

“Wow, to think someone who used to work in the FBI would do something like this, but this is great. Your reputation precedes you Naomi.” said Miss Akure.

“Thank you, I’ll wrap this up in no time.”

“What are you thinking Jaakuna?” Naomi said as she let out a sigh. Naomi was reluctant to face her former friend, but knew she had to find her for the sake of humanity. Naomi looked up Jaakuna’s whereabouts and contact information in her files, but the information was invalid. “As expected, of course she wouldn’t leave herself that easy to find.” said Naomi. Although reluctant, Naomi found herself getting excited at such a challenge, as she was easily able to solve every case before this.

At another corporation, known as Kurai Yohei, a mercenary agency, two women were seen discussing with each other about a certain evil agent.

“I wanted the infiltration job in Okinawa. I can’t believe that damn Jaakuna got another top notch assignment.” said Urayama.

” I know, I feel like the boss definitely favors her. I mean, I know she’s skilled, but at least give us some good assignments to shine”. said Zurui.

“Yeah, I never did like her anyway, she’s so damn full of herself. I bet I could take her on”.. Suddenly the door burst open..

“Take who on? said Jaakuna.

“Oh, hey Jaakuna, uhh no one, we were just talking about taking you on in um, a game of pool”. said Urayama.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. HaHaHa, you pathetic morons make me laugh.” said Jaakuna.

“Yeah, we’ll see who gets the last laugh. You’re just priviliged because your the bosses favourite.” said Zurui

You just don’t get it do you? That has nothing to do with it, I’m simply better and stronger than all of you, so just keep making me laugh”.

You just don’t get it do you? That has nothing to do with it, I’m simply better and stronger than all of you, so just keep making me laugh”

“Why you, I oughta” said Urayama.

“That’s enough”, said another voluptuous woman who appeared to be in her 30s. “Jaakuna, I’d like to see you in my office”. “Yes, Miakumi-sama” said Jaakuna.

Who is this mysterious boss and what is this organization, that Jaakuna works for?

Who is this mysterious boss and what is this organization, that Jaakuna works for?

To be continued:

Next time: Revalation


Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 1: Jaakuna)

The story of the incredibly gorgeous but evil super agent, Jaakuna, who’s skills are second to none. Her skills in infiltration and sabotage, coupled with her deadly fighting abilities, make her one of the most dangerous spies in the world.
Growing up in a rather rough and tragic environment thanks to her crimeboss father, She joins the evil mercenary agency, Kurai Yohei, as the top agent. However, After stealing top secret blueprints to advanced energy weaponry, she even develops ambitions to overthrow not only her own agency, but the entirety of Japan in an effort for revenge over her pops!

The only one who may have a chance to stop her and the agency is her former best friend/private detective, Naomi. Will Naomi’s skills be enough to stop her former friend, or will this be the end of society as we know it? Find out in this action/ ecchi spy adventure