Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 7: The Doom Saber Part 2)

Naomi went to visit her old sensei, Tokunori. He usually was at an old dojo training his students, but agreed to help Naomi after hours to give her private lessons.

“Thank you so much, for this Tokunori-sensei.” said Naomi.

“Of course, so what happened to bring this about Naomi-san?”

“Right now, I am on a case to find and recover stolen weapon technology. I managed to find the culprit, however she is an old colleague and friend that use to be in the FBI with me. She was a fierce fighter, and we always use to practice and spar with each other, eventually becoming the top rookie agents in our division. However, after her mom died, she suddenly grew very distant. She eventually left the FBI, and told me that there was no point in protecting this cursed society we live in. I was confused by what she meant, but after seeing and fighting her again the other day, I think I’m beginning to understand her a little more.” said Naomi with a gloomy look on her face.

“So what is it that you feel you should do? Do you think there is any getting thru to this friend of yours?” said Tokunori.

“I wish that there was. I really tried, but she is hell-bent on achieving these wicked plans of hers, and I have no choice but to stop her.  Somehow, she has grown so frighteningly powerful. We used to be pretty close in combat skills, but when we fought, I was completely outclassed. Her speed was practically inhuman, and she was strong enough to toss me around like a ragdoll. I need your help Tokunori-sensei.”

“I understand Naomi-San. It pains me to hear that you are dealing with such a tragedy, but I will do everything in my power to help. Just know that I won’t go easy on you. The training will be more intense than you could ever imagine.” said Tokunori.

“I’m ready. Throw every thing you have at me.” said Naomi.

“Right, as tenacious as ever, Naomi-San.  First, we’ll have a sparring match, so I can assess your current skill level.”

Tokunori and Naomi sparred, with Naomi giving it everything she had. The two traded blows, with Naomi lasting quite a while, but unable to land any blows. Eventually, Tokunori finally caught Naomi off guard, causing her to fall flat on her back on the mat.

“Very impressive, Naomi-San. You’re skill and technique, while a bit linear, are very polished and not lacking at all, but your mind and body are untrained.” said Tokunori.

“My mind and body are untrained?” said Naomi

“Yes, I suspect that’s what miss Jaakuna, has managed to get over on you in the past few years since you’ve seen each other. We’ll begin with basic strength training, and then we’ll hone your speed and reflexes.”

Over the next few days, Naomi trained with Tokunori non stop. She endured the most grueling weight training, followed by dodging exercises, and image training. Naomi had never experienced such training in her life, but needed to do anything she could to surpass Jaakuna.


The next day at Ricardo’s place, he was in the process of finally finishing Jaakuna’s sword. “There, finally finished. This thing is amazing. Jaakuna-san will love it. I can already hear her evil laugh, now. I might even get a shot with her after this.”. said Ricardo gleefully

Back at Jaakuna’s house, Jaakuna sat in her hottub, with her beautiful brown hair drenched, and her huge naked breasts only partially covered by the bubbling water. Without her dark clothes and glasses, Jaakuna had a much softer, almost deceivingly innocent look. Suddenly, her phone started to ring as it sat right beside her.

“Hello?” said Jaakuna

“Yes, Jaakuna-san, I just wanted to let you know I finished your sword.” said Ricardo

“Perfect, I’ll be over in an hour” said Jaakuna as she turned off her hot tub. Jaakuna hopped out of the water, and grabbed her towel wrapping it around her thick curvaceous body. “It’s only a matter of time now. Soon, everyone that could’ve stood in my way will be nothing more than a memory.” said Jaakuna with an evil grin.

Jaakuna threw on her yellow tank top, containing her jiggling breasts snuggly, followed by her jeans which she pulled over her butt, cheek by cheek as they bounced, and finally threw on her black blazer and glasses, completing her signature outfit. She jumped into her camero, and speeded off to Ricardo’s place.

“Hello, Jaakuna-san. Here is the sword you requested. It is complete with an Adamantine outer edge for maximum cutting power, and Ebonite makes the core and handle of the blade, which allow it to channel energy into lightning, fire, and wind attacks of your choosing. Each button on the side of the hilt will allow you to choose the type of attack you want to use, and can even be used in combinations.”

Jaakuna gleefully grabbed the sword from it’s holding case, and began to swing a few practice swings. “It’s incredible, it looks so badass, even the curved shape of the blade makes it so easy for me to wield.” Jaakuna then pressed the blue button on the hilt, causing the sword to suddenly glow blue. She pointed the blade in the air, and pressed the attack button on the handle, as  huge bolts of electricity fired into the air blowing a whole into the roof, before lighting up the sky.

“Hey, you’re gonna destroy my house, Jaakuna-san..” said Ricardo

“Ohh, hush. I gotta say, I’m impressed. This definitely is a sword fit for the soon to be queen of the world. Hahahahahaha!” she laughed as she lit up the sky with an electrical storm.

“I called it. There goes the evil laugh. So predictable, Jaakuna-san..” said Ricardo

“Excuse me?” said Jaakuna with an unamused look in her eyes

“Sooo, I take it you like it. Seeing as how you’re gonna rule the world and all Jaakuna-san, couldn’t you use a real man to help you through all of this?” said Ricardo with a slight nervous sound in his voice.

“Haah, please, You wish.. You’ve done well today, but don’t let it get to your head. There’s not a man alive, tough enough to handle this chick.  Nice try though, stud.. pfft.. heh heh heh. ” laughed Jaakuna as she shook her head in indifference..

“Aww, come on, there ain’t no one who can make weapons like this. One date, just one date.” begged Ricardo.

“Hahaha, I don’t think so, little boy. Now quiet, you fool. What about the other weapons?” said Jaakuna

“The weapons for the rest of your organization will be done by tommorow, and while they are impressive I made sure that they didn’t have the same power output and features that your sword has. said Ricardo

“Good. I think I’ll call it the doom saber.  The beginning of the end of it all.” said Jaakuna as she held up her sword victoriously.

To be continued..

Next time: Naomi’s determination

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