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Demons In New York: Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The streets of NYC buzzed around with chaos. As cars zoomed past each other, honks blasted into the air, creating loud ruckus that echoed endlessly.

A small white-haired man watched the insanity with a neutral expression. He was pale, only 5’2 and had bright ocean blue eyes that were shadowed by his bangs. His eyes observed everything, taking it all in with no hesitation. He said absolutely nothing, as if he was used to it.

The man then walked over a bar that was a few blocks away. The green-colored text above the entrance read ‘The Shifting Shamrock’, and looked like it was about to shatter with age. He sighed, then walked into the bar, staring at everything.

The bar was extremely packed with customers, but that was normal. Customers were always filled in here, since ‘The Shifting Shamrock’ was the most popular bar in NYC.

The white-haired man squeezed through the crowd, walking over to the bar counter and sitting down. He then ringed the Service Bell, which was nothing but an old bell that had a golden handle on it.

As the bell finished ringing, a tall man wearing a crop top, black jeans ripped at the knees and black high heels walked out of the door that was behind the bar counter. He had a slit throat scar on his neck, a blinded and scarred left eye and was wearing a black face mask over his mouth. He walked over to the bar counter, humming.

”Hello, dear.” The half-blind man spoke.

The white-haired man smiled. “Hello, Quince.” He pecked Quince’s cheek. “How’s your day going?”

”It’s not bad, but not good either.” Quince replied with a sigh. “A customer tried to rob us again, and it literally took me dislocating their jaw in order for them to leave..”

The white-haired man blinked in surprise. “Did you knock them out?..”

“No, Hyku. I didn’t.” Quince said. “I would if I could, but there were too many customers for me to deal with if I actually did do that.”

Hyku sighed, thinking. “Just..try not to get arrested today, alright?” He pecks Quince’s cheek again.

Quince nodded, then saw another customer entering. “I gotta go back to work.” He sighed. “I’ll be back.” He then ran over to the customer.

Hyku watched Qince carefully. He then got up, walked up to the hallway door behind the counter and opened it, walking into the hallway.

The hallway had several rooms in it; a Medic Room, a Boxing Room, a ‘Private’ Room, an Office and two extra bedrooms. They were all only for employees and excluded from customers. The ‘Private’ Room, though, was only for Quince.

Hyku walked passed the ‘Private’ Room, which was still reeking with blood. He then suddenly stopped, gagging.

I never wanna go into that room. He thought as he stared at the door next to him. But someone really need to clean it up..

He then walked over to one of the extra bedrooms, opening the door to see a blue-haired genderless person. They were mopping the floor with a wet mop and bleach.

“Eli?” Hyku whispered. “What are you doing in the back?”

Eli looked at Hyku, smiling. “Oh, hey Hyku.” They replied. “Boss wanted me to clean up the rooms, especially after that horrid boxing match..”

”Horrid?” Hyku repeated the word. “What happened?..”

Eli sighed. “A customer got his lower left ribcage shattered by a professional boxer.” They said. “We had to take him here and attempt to fix him up. However, he died just after we called 9-1-1. After that happened, we simply burned his body.”

”Oh..” Hyku sighed. “Well, at least you tried to save him.”

Eli nodded in agreement. “What are you doing here, Hyku?” They asked.

”I just wanted to check on you all.” Hyku replied slowly. “That’s all.”

Eli hummed. “Veevee’s in the Boxing Room if you want to talk to her. Karmin, Web and Lola are in there too.”

Hyku nodded, then headed out of the bedroom and back into the hallway.

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