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Character Sheet #1: Quince

Name: Quince

Alias: Lupus Ichor

Alignment: Chaotic Good/Lawful Neutral

Species: Incubus

Age: 30

Personality: Cold, Wise and Uncontrollable. Is also Vicious, Unreadable and somewhat Unpredictable. His deeply monotonous voice can catch people off guard.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupation: Bartender




•Illusion Manipulation

•Blood Manipulation



•Weaponry Summoning

•Scythe Proficiency

•Claw Retraction

•Phobia-Initiated Ability Manifestation

•Hypnotic Vision

•Vocal Replication

•Emotion Manipulation

•Psychic Immunity


•Cannibalistic desires

•Holy/Pure/Divine/Angelic Powers

•Despite the tone of his voice, his emotions came be found and exploited with enough time

Backstory: Four days after uncontrollably killing and eating over a thousand demons in The Underworld during The Cannibal Massacre, this former second prince of King Fang and Queen Jewel was executed by hanging and bleeding to death. During this, his left eye was blindly scarred and both of his lips were stitched completely shut. He somehow managed to survive, however, but not without the scars of his past. Now on Earth living in New York City, his new life consists of being a manager at The Shifting Shamrock Bar and having 12-hour nights of sexual activities with men. His past regarding the life of a titan isn’t remembered by him, however, but legends spoke of him being the powerful Titan of Illusions and a ruler in The Illusion World long before Panthera’s time.

Extra Info:

•He’s actually smarter than he looks/acts.

•He loves Hyku deeply.

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