Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 6: The Doom Saber Part 1)

At the foreman’s office, Naomi finally managed to get back on her feet after being humiliated by Jaakuna.

“Damn, she’s stronger than ever. I couldn’t do anything.” said Naomi

A few minutes later, Foreman Jackson had informed Miss Akure what had happened, and they both went back to the office to make sure Naomi was alright.

“Oh no, are you ok Miss Naomi?” said Miss Akure

“Yes, I think so.. just a couple of broken ribs.” said Naomi

“We need to get you to a hospital straight away.” said the Foreman Jackson

“Thank you, but I can take myself. Please don’t worry about me. I’m the one who messed up, but rest assured I’ll catch Jaakuna, and fix this. I promise.” said Naomi

“Such a diligent girl, but please don’t push yourself too hard. Please get those injuries taken care of first and foremost.” said Miss Akure.

“Thanks Miss Akure, I will” said Naomi as she walked to her car holding her stomach.



Later that evening, Jaakuna had decided to pay a visit to her tech-man, Ricardo, who makes all of her equipment. She pulled in to a rather sketchy looking, secret lair type of building.

“Ah, Miss Jaakuna, looking lovely as always. What brings you in today?” said Ricardo

“Yeah, yeah, spare me the flattery. I must say, the shapeshifting device was quite impressive. It made my mission today alot smoother.” said Jaakuna.

“I’m glad it suited your needs, Miss Jaakuna. It’s always a pleasure to serve you.”

“Listen, I’ve got another job for you, Ricardo. I need you to make me a sword using these blueprints I stole. A sword with unrivaled destructive power.” she said as she handed him the flashdrive with the secret files.

Ricardo took a look at the blue prints and was astonished by what he was looking at.

“Unbelievable, weapons that can harness and convert energy? To think something like this was in development. Only you could manage to steal information this classified. Where did you get this?”

“I stole it from a military research lab in Okinawa, but nevermind that. Can you do it or not?” said Jaakuna impatiently

“Of course, I should have it done by next week.” said Ricardo as he started to pull out the plates of rare metal.

“Good, see to it that you do. Oh and while, you’re at it, make some lower class weapons as well.  I need to provide at least some progress to Miakumi-Sama and the other members so they don’t get suspicious. Just make sure my sword is on a completely different level than the other weapons.”

“You got it ma’am. That’s miss Jaakuna for you. Always thinking one step ahead.” said Ricardo

” Hmph.. Well, I’m out of here. Let me know the second you’re done with them, so I can pick them up.” said Jaakuna as she headed back to her car.

“Most definitely, you can count on me.”

The next day Naomi was using her laptop at home, with a brace around her ribcage.

” I have to figure out what Jaakuna’s next move will be. She already has everything she needs to make the weapons, but what is she planning on doing with them? No, just figuring out what she’s planning and where she’ll be isn’t good enough. I have to get stronger, and fast. Even if I were to catch her, As I am now, I’m just no match for her.” Naomi said as she clenched her fists. “The doctor said I should be good as new in a few days. I bet Tokunori sensei can help me. I haven’t seen him in years, though. He was probably so disappointed in me for leaving the dojo, to become an FBI agent. I have to get ahold of him though.”

The following week at Kurai Yohei, Miakumi caught wind that an investigation was taking place regarding the sabotage at Okinawa research facility, and that the organization was under suspicion behind the incident.

“Hmm, it looks like they have quite a capable detective working on this case. To be able to trace this incident back to us in such a short time is quite impressive. She needs to be dealt with.” thought Miakumi.  “Urayama.. Zurui.. Come to my office at once..” said Miakumi over the intercom.

“Yes ma’am, we’ll be right there”. said Urayama

“I have an important mission for you two. It seems we’re under suspiscion, so I need you to assassinate the detective on this case to ensure that no one stands in our way. Her name is Naomi Senshima. Don’t underestimate her, got it?” said Miakumi with a stern voice.

“Yes, Miakumi-sama. We definitely won’t fail you.” said Zurui.

“Jaakuna informed me that the weapons should be done in three days. You will use them to eliminate Naomi.”said Miakumi

“Do we really need Jaakuna’s weapons to take out one measly detective? Surely she can’t be that tough.” said Urayama

“I thought I told you not to underestimate her, Urayama” said Miakumi

“R-Right. My apologies. Let’s go Zurui” said Urayama as they left to make preparations.

Back at Naomi’s house, she finally managed to get in touch with her former sensei.

“Hello?” said Tokunori over the phone

“Hello, Tokunori sensei, it’s me Naomi.”

“Naomi-san, it’s so good to hear from you. How is everything going, with the detective work?”

“Actually, that’s kinda what I was calling about.” Naomi said in a nervous chuckle. “I’m in quite the predicament. This is my toughest case yet. It’s a long story, but basically if I fail, it really could mean the end of society as we know it”.

“Sounds like you’ve been watching too many super hero movies, Naomi-san.” laughed Tokunori.

“Tokunori-sensei! I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m serious.” Naomi said

“I’m joking Naomi-San, lighten up. So how can I help?”

“I was really hoping I could train under you again, sensei. The enemy I’m facing is much stronger than I am right now, so I really need your tutelage.”

“Hmm. You were always my best student. How can I refuse. In fact, are you free tonight?”

“Yes, I’m free. I’ll head over straight away. Thank you so much, Tokunori-sensei.” said Naomi as she immediately gathered her things and headed out of the house.

To be continued:

Next time: The doom saber(part 2)

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