Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 5: A fierce battle-Jaakuna vs Naomi)

Naomi began to ready a stance for battle, as Jaakuna also took a confident yet guarded stance.

Naomi lunged towards Jaakuna throwing a right hook, but Jaakuna dodged countering with a roundhouse kick.

Naomi ducked under the kick and flipped backwards, as her breasts bounced from the jump, pulling out her pistols in the process. Still upside down in midair, Naomi fired two shots. Jaakuna, with frighteningly fast reflexes, simply moved her head to the side dodging one bullet, and jumped to her left, dodging the second bullet. Right as both girls land, they sprung towards each other, as Naomi prepared to fire at point blank range. However, Jaakuna kicked one gun out of her hand before she could fire. Naomi recovered, and pointed the other gun at her, but Jaakuna quickly stomped down on Naomi’s gunwielding hand to prevent her from using it.

Naomi grunted in pain, as she pushed at Jaakuna’s sexy belly to try and get her off of her hand. This only made Jaakuna step down harder, forcing Naomi to let go of her gun.

“HaHaHaHa.. looks like the difference in our skills has only gotten wider over the past few years.” laughed Jaakuna.

“Don’t count me out yet, Jaakuna.” Naomi tilted and sprung up with an upper cartwheel kick to Jaakuna’s breasts, freeing herself from Jaakuna’s pin in the process.

Jaakuna was barely fazed by the attack, as it only made her chuckle a bit. Naomi then went in for another kick, but Jaakuna ducked under the kick and fell to her hands in a push-up position, with her round butt squeezed and back arched in to hold her position . Naomi then went for a dropkick down on Jaakuna with her leg raised nearly 180 degrees, but Jaakuna used all four limbs to launch herself in the air dodging the dropkick.

Naomi quickly picked up her gun, and went to shoot Jaakuna while she was in the air. Jaakuna, still airborne, reached down and grabbed the back of Naomi’s jacket collar, and used her as leverage to pull herself back down to the ground dodging the bullet in the process. As Jaakuna landed, she spun around, tossing Naomi into a wall in the process . As Naomi’s back hit the wall, her breasts jiggled violently, knocking the wind out of her. Before Naomi could completely get back up on her two feet, Jaakuna lunged forward with a nasty jump kick right to Naomi’s stomach, knocking her completely through the wall.

“Pathetic, surely you can do better than this?..” said Jaakuna as she confidently and athletically poised the leg she kicked with up to the side.

Naomi stumbled back onto her feet as she panted trying to catch her breath. Jaakuna then gestured her hands as two throwing knives fell from the sleave of her jacket into her hand. Jaakuna threw the knives at Naomi, but Naomi caught one of the knives and used it to block the other. Naomi jumped up and threw the knife back at Jaakuna only for her to catch it between her fingers with perfect timing. However, in the split second Jaakuna took her eyes off of Naomi to catch the knife, Naomi blitzed behind Jaakuna and attempted to deliver a kick to the back of her head.

Jaakuna reacted just in time, and moved her head to the side locking Naomi’s leg in her arm in the process. Jaakuna, with one arm wrapped around Naomi’s leg, spun around to the opposite side, elbowing Naomi in the face. Naomi quickly shook it off, and jumped up with her free leg to deliver another kick. Jaakuna simply blocked it with her wrist, and put Naomi in a headlock smothering her with her breast. Naomi struggled to get free as she punched and grabbed at Jaakuna’s belly, to no affect. As the difference in speed and strength became evident, Jaakuna began to laugh as she held Naomi’s head, squeezing it between her breast and her arm.

“HaHaHaHa.. You disappoint me, Naomi. I admit, even I was a bit on edge when I found out you were the one tailing me, but you’re barely any stronger than when we were in the FBI. I guess our time apart has made you soft, but it’s only made me that much stronger! said Jaakuna as she grabbed Naomi’s neck, choke lifting her off her feet with one hand. Naomi gasped for air, as she held onto Jaakuna’s wrist. Jaakuna suddenly let go of Naomi’s neck, only to immediately jump up  as she delivered a devastating kick into Naomi’s ribs before her feet could even touch the ground. The shock from the kick sent Naomi twirling back several yards crashing into the office desk. Holding her ribs in pain, Naomi couged up a bit of blood, from the internal damage.

“I could kill you if I really wanted to, but luckily for you our little play date has to come to an end. I enjoyed myself, Naomi. Kicking your ass, has resurfaced so many memories hahahaha.” laughed Jaakuna as she went to grab her briefcases with the stolen metal.

“S-Stop, You’re making the biggest mistake of your life Jaakuna! ” said Naomi.

“Oh, but I won’t stop, Naomi. Not until everything and everyone in this world has submitted to me.”

“I don’t get it, what happened to make you like this? Why are you doing this?”

” I simply woke up from that delusion you like to call a peaceful society. There’s no such thing in this world, there are only winners and losers, and in the end there can only be one winner. That’s just the way the world works, and I plan to be the winner. In fact, there’s no choice in the matter.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way, please don’t do this.” said Naomi as she managed to at least rise up on one knee.

Jaakuna chuckled as she placed a hand over her hip. “Beg all you want, Naomi. All you’re doing is proving which one of us is destined to win.” she said as she headed towards the exit of the building.

“Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I really must get going.  You should get those injuries checked out, and if you’re gonna pick a fight with someone, you better make damn sure you’re prepared. For a fight with me, may very well be your last.”

“Damn you.” said Naomi as she tried to chase after her, but fell back to the ground from her disorientation.

“Ciao sweetie, better luck next time.. Hahahahahahaha!” laughed Jaakuna as she raced away in her camero. Naomi tried to get up once more, but she was simply too winded from the last blow and fell back to her knees.

“Damn, I blew it.” Said Naomi as she punched the ground.

To be continued…

Next time: The doom saber

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