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Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 3: Revelation)

Jaakuna entered into the office with her boss. “As always, I’m very pleased with your work Jaakuna. Not only did you manage to infiltrate the biggest research facility in japan, but also managed to get ahold of classified weaponry technology that only a select few know about. This will change everything. You will be greatly rewarded for this, Jaakuna.” said the boss.

“Thank you, you’re words are too kind, Miakumi-sama. From what I’ve been able to tell from the scans, these weapons can harness and utilize energy. ” said Jaakuna.

“Yes, with weapons like these there’s no limit to what we can do.  Kurai Yohei will be unstoppable. Jaakuna, I’d like you to be in charge of the development of these weapons. I have full trust in you.”

“Yes maam, you can count on me.” Jaakuna walks out of the office gleefully, while Urayama and Zurui stare at her with jealosy.

Back at Naomi’s place, Naomi  was still searching for any piece of evidence that was left behind from the sabotage of the research facility.

“Ok, I haven’t been able to find a single fingerprint and there is no footage of the culprit. There has to be something. Just a single piece of evidence is all I need. I better contact the research facility to see if there was at least a possible witness”. said Naomi.  Naomi called the research facility to get further leads.

“Hello? Ah yes miss Naomi, how is the investigation coming along?” said Miss Akure.

“To be honest, I haven’t been able to find a single piece of evidence from the footage nor the left over burnt panels that you gave me, Miss Akure. However, this only further confirms my suspicions of Jaakuna. I can’t see anyone else pulling that off. Were there any possible witnesses?” Said Naomi.

“Well, It seems like our security guard just got dispatched out of the hospital. He may have some answers that you’re looking for. I’ll give you his address.”

“Awesome, this will really help my investigation, thank you.”

Naomi visited the security guard who was injured by Jaakuna.

As she knocked on the door, the security guard opened the door and was shocked to see such a well-endowed beautiful woman standing there.

“Hi, I’m Detective Naomi, can I come in?”

“Of-Of course, have a seat. How can I help you miss Naomi?” said the security guard as he struggled to keep his eyes off of Naomi’s bosom.

” I’ve been working with the researchers at the facility to find whoever the culprit was, but it seems the culprit left not even a single piece of evidence, that I’ll need to move this investigation forward. I understand, you recently just got discharged from the hospital. Who did that to you?”

“It was a young woman, probably about your age. She was pretty tall with a full figure, I’d say around 5’9″ or 5’10”, and she wore glasses and had on a black blazer jacket, yellow top, and black jeans. Quite a cocky, mouthy woman. Her reflexes and moves were unbelievably fast and strong. Fighting her was like getting run over by a train, I’d never felt or seen anything like it.”

“It’s just as I thought, you’re description of her all but confirms my suspicions of who the culprit might be.” said Naomi.

“Really? Do you know her?”

” Yes, we once studied together at law school, and even both became FBI agents for a while. She was a close friend of mine, but her ambitions became out of hand and left to start her own endeavors. I wound up leaving not too much longer after, to be a private detective.” said Naomi.

“I see. So do you have anyway of locating this Jaakuna?”

“As of now, I don’t. However, I do have a few connections, and I know where to start. As skilled as Jaakuna is, I suspect she’s not alone. Any number of organized crime groups, would want that sort of technology.” said Naomi.

“Oh, so you suspect she works for the yakuza or something like that?”

” It’s quite possible, although I doubt the Yakuza would try something so straightforward like this. This sounds more like the work of a underground group I’ve had my eye on called  Kurai Yohei”.

“Kurai Yohei? What’s that said the security guard. “They are a relatively new organized crime unit, that are believed to have been involved in missing classified information files. So it makes sense if they would be behind this most recent incident.” said Naomi.

“I see, damn. I hate to be so useless in this situation.” said the security guard.

“No, you have been more than helpful, I can narrow this down thanks to the information you’ve given me.”

“Well, I wish you the best of luck Miss Naomi”.

” Thank you, this will be my toughest case yet, but rest assured i’ll solve it.”

Back at Jaakuna’s house, She was on her master computer looking at scans of the secret weapons.

“This is just too good, boss-lady really gave me complete freedom with these weapons. So So naive. (I have full trust in you)? Didn’t you know you should never trust the devil, HaHaHa. I had a feeling that Miakumi would leave me in charge, but I had no idea it would be so hard to keep myself from laughing in front of her when she made such a stupid move. Well, She’ll regret it soon enough, they all will. HaHaHaHaHa.”

Jaakuna studied the scans to make a plan for the weapons, but realized something crucial. ” Hmm, looks like these weapons will only work with a metal known as adamantine and ebonite. Looks like I’ll have to get my hands on that, before I go any further. I should keep this on the downlow from the boss or any of the other members of Kurai Yohei. I’ll be the only one knowing about the secrets to these weapons, heh heh heh. Now, I just need to find where this metal is being extracted, and it’ll be easy pickings from there.” With a little bit more researching Jaakuna found where the metal was being extracted. “Ah hah, Kraigs mining company eh. Looks like I found my next target.”

Next time: Confrontation

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