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Character Sheet #4: Astéri

Name: Astéri

Alias: Golden God

Alignment: True Neutral

Species: Fox God

Age: 25

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Shy, Quiet, Slightly Flirtatious, Loyal and Caring

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupation: God of Life, Death, The Afterlife, The Stars and Luck/Owner of Amythest Casino




Bag of Gold Coins

Dice Collection


Bag of Gemstones

Chess Board


•Retroactive Immortality

•Vulpes Physiology


•Pyschic Immunity

•Life Manipulation

•Life Inducement

•Life Creation

•Life-Force Manipulation

•Life-Force Generation

•Life-Force Solidification

•Life-Force Constructs

•Life-Force Aura

•Life-Force Attacks

•Life-Force Combat

•Life-Force Healing

•Life-Force Absorption

•Life-Force Empowerment

•Psychic Life-Force Manipulation

•Life Electricity Manipulation

•Life Smoke Manipulation

•Life Water Manipulation

•Life Magic

•Life Embodiment

•Death Manipulation

•Death Inducement

•Death Recreation

•Death Sense

•Death-Force Manipulation

•Death-Force Generation

•Death-Force Solidification

•Death-Force Constructs

•Death-Force Aura

•Death-Force Attacks

•Death-Force Combat

•Death-Force Absorption

•Death-Force Empowerment

•Psychic Death-Force Manipulation

•Death Fire Manipulation

•Death Darkness Manipulation

•Death Metal Manipulation

•Death Magic

•Death Embodiment

•Afterlife Judgement

•Afterlife Embodiment

•Afterlife Border

•Afterlife Traveling

•Afterlife Transport

•Afterlife Prevention

•Spiritual Force Manipulation

•Spiritual Healing

•Soul Energy Attacks

•Spiritual Combat

•Soul Energy Generation

•Soul Energy Constructs

•Soul Energy Solidification

•Soul Energy Absorption

•Soul Reading

•Soul Healing

•Soul Summoning

•Spiritual Aura

•Spirit Magic

•Spiritual Ice Manipulation

•Spiritual Light Manipulation

•Spiritual Air Manipulation

•Spiritual Teleportation

•Stellar Manipulation

•Psychic Stellar Manipulation

•Stellar Generation

•Stellar Solidification

•Stellar Constructs

•Stellar Magic

•Stellar Healing

•Stellar Immunity

•Star Creation

•Star Destruction

•Star Fall

•Stellar Energy Manipulation

•Stellar Energy Absorption

•Stellar Aura

•Stellar Empowerment

•Stellar Embodiment

•Luck Manipulation

•Luck Magic

•Luck Bestowal

•Luck Absorption

•Luck Erasure

•Luck Field Creation

•Luck Empowerment

•Luck Embodiment

•Jinx Manipulation


•Jinx Absorption

•Jinx Detection

•Gold Manipulation

•Gold Generation

•Gold Constructs

•Gold Attacks

•Chrysokinetic Combat

•Gold Dust Manipulation


•Coin Manipulation

•Coin Generation

•Coin Constructs

•Coin Attacks

•Dice Manipulation

•Dice Creation

•Dice Attacks

•Die Rolling

•Card Manipulation

•Card Generation

•Card Constructs


•Card Combat

•Card Attacks

•Card Magic

•Chess Manipulation

•Abstract Strategy Game Intuition

•Gemstone Manipulation

•Gemstone Generation

•Gemstone Detection

•Gemstone Attacks

•Diamond Manipulation

•Diamond Generation

•Diamond Constructs

•Diamond Aura

•Diamond Attacks

•Diamond Combat

•Supernatural Gambling

•Game Intuition



•Control of his powers is extremely important

•Must have the person that he’s judging be dead and an actual Spirit/Soul to make a decision

•Decision is usually based on the person’s past, which can lead him to have a hard time making decisions

•Can be persuaded/manipulated easily, especially if it involves his past lives

•Death Sense only happens in his dreams

•Cannot summon Souls that have been sealed and/or put to eternal rest

•It still takes him time to be reincarnated

•Can only Resurrect others

•Unavertable Deaths cannot be Ressurected

•Ressurection is useless against Ressurection Negation

•Metal, Fire, Heat, Magma and/or Ice can weaken his Gold and Gold Dust

•Chrysopoeia requires touch

•Restoration can undo his Chrysopoeia

•Cannot use Chrysopoeia on anyone with Transmutation Immunity

•Can only manipulate Gold Coins

•Those with Pyschic Shield or Pyschic Immunity are immune/resistant to Pyschic Death-Force, Pyschic Life-Force and Psychic Stellar

•Those with Stellar Immunity are immune to his Stellar Powers

•Those with Absorption Immunity are immune to Spiritual Force Absorption and Life-Force Absorption

•Those with Transport Immunity are immune to Banishment

•Cards can be destroyed with Fire

Backstory: Created after Hyku was stripped away of his Retroactive Immortality and killed,  Astéri was born from a star and taken under Pyschrí-Pyschí’s wing. He was immediately given the jobs of not only ruling both The Forest Of Life and The Deserted Demise, but to also judge deceased spirits. Having no knowledge of his past lives, Astéri takes every single day with stride, despite his wishes to know who he originally was. But recently, he was made a God of The Afterlife, Life, Death and The Stars, despite that there’s already a Death God. And after the destruction of the Demons In New York universe, he was recreated to what he used to be, along with a glow-up. Now at his new home of The Garden of Avalon, he runs Amythest Casino while still multitasking his jobs as a God, wondering why his past Universe was destroyed.

Extra Info:
•He’s 5’7 in height.

•He’s very quiet sometimes, but can speak when he feels like it’s necessary or whenever he’s spoken to.

•Although most people consider him a gambler, he doesn’t actually gamble with his own life or items.

•His True Form is said to be very rare, although nobody knows why it’s rare.

•Due to a ton of training, learning and experience, he has a ton of moves, including:

  1. Force-Shock: A combination of Life-Force, Pyschic Life-Force, Life Electricity, Life Smoke, Life Water, Life Magic, Death-Force, Pyschic Death-Force, Death Fire, Death Darkness, Death Metal, Death Magic, Spiritual Force, Spiritual Ice, Spiritual Light, Spiritual Air, Spirit Magic, Pyschic Stellar, Stellar Energy and Stellar Magic. It’s transformed into a ball that’s a billion times his size. When thrown, it creates a massive shockwave and a ton of force a trillion times bigger than a missile. He can control it’s range as well.
  2. Midas Blast: With his Chrysopoeia, he can combine it with any of his other Powers to create a blast that can turn anything and anyone into Gold the moment the blast hits them.
  3. Star Shower: Using his Stellar Manipulation, he can create a ton of Stars and make them “rain”, creating an attack similarly to a Meteor Shower.
  4. Death-Stars: He can combine all of his Death-based and Stellar-based abilities to create Death-Stars (I.E Stars that can cause Death to a target).
  5. Life-Stars: He can combine his Life-Based and Stellar-based abilities to create Life-Stars (I.E Stars that can create Life).
  6. Magic-Force: He can combine his Life Magic, Life-Force, Death Magic, Death-Force, Spiritual Force and Spirit Magic to create a wave of Magical Forces.
  7. Roll of Fate: Using Die Rolling, he can affect a person’s probability: Odds are Living, Evens are Dying, Doubles are Luck/Victory, Snake Eyes are Karma/Jinx/Defeat and Even-Odds (I.E one Even and one Odd) are Banishment.
  8. Coin Launch: With his Coin Manipulation and a little bit of concentration, he can launch Gold Coins at a target faster than Laser Beams.
  9. Card-Wave: Using Card Combat and Card Manipulation, he can send out a wave of Cards at a target.
  10. Gemstone Rainstorm: Using Gemstone Manipulation, he can make Gemstones fall from the sky, creating a rainstorm of Gemstones.
  11. Cards of Foretell: He can use his Cartomancy and Card Magic to reveal the possible outcomes of a person’s future.
  12. Chess-Wish: Using his Chess Manipulation and Abstract Strategy Game Intuition, he can create a Chess game that grants the winner of the game one wish.
  13. Second Chance: Using his Ressurection, he can bring almost anyone back to life, no matter if they just died or if they’re already a Soul/Spirit.
  14. Live-Die: He can mix both his Life-based and Death-based abilities to create a powerful blast capable of killing those who are very close to it while also reviving/healing anyone that’s by his side.
  15. Spirit-Ments Beam: Using his Spiritual Ice, Spiritual Light and Spiritual Air, he can combine all three to create a powerful beam that can severely injure a target’s Soul.
  16. Death-Ments Shock: Using his Death Fire, Death Darkness and Death Metal, he can combine all three to create a powerful shock that can kill a target on impact.
  17. Life-Ments Wave: Using his Life Electricity, Life Smoke and Life Water, he can combine all three to create a powerful wave that can create life.
  18. Grim Reaper Induce: Using his Death Inducement, he can induce death into a target in multiple different ways. He can even combine up to two different ways to induce a faster death onto the target.

•With a little help from Djall—the God of Pain, he was able to create his own Domain. He named it The Range Of Balance.

•A lot of people call him “The God who refuses to rest” due to the fact that he’s technically been reincarnated 5 times. He tends to ignore those claims.

•He still has Cadmean, Simone and Hyku in his head, even when Cadmean and Hyku were reincarnated and separated out of him. This is because they didn’t reincarnate the real Souls, rather they remade them with new ones.

•Whenever Cadmean takes over, his voice becomes old and wheezy.

•Whenever Hyku takes over, his voice becomes weak, but gentle.

•Simone is the only one to not take control. This is because during Mega Calamity, her body was severely burned to the point where she didn’t—and still doesn’t—have enough strength to take over Astéri’s body.

•Like all of the Fox God incarnations, he knows The Calming Song very well. He even tends to hum it to try to calm himself down in certain situations.

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