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Magnus’s Grimiore: Entry #1

Entry #1: Anti-Magic


*I am now changing notebooks since my old one has reached its maximum capacity*

Anti-Magic has two different connotations. One is the use of the reaction between mystical energy (mana) and an energy that is the polar opposite of mystical energy to weaken it. The second is what I refer to as Counter Magic for simplicity’s sake. This connotation revolves around spells, rituals, bounded fields, etc which attempt to hinder magic as a whole. I’m going to go more in-depth about each later.


Right now, anti-magic is up! I don’t know much but I got a couple of ideas. When I needed to reprogram tons of different magical energies which were active in my arm, it gave me  Anti-Magic. Already, this suggests a couple of things. Anti-Magic came after Magic itself. Secondly, is that there seems to be potential that Anti-Magic is indeed made from magic itself. For it has missing links in the programming which would be immediately fixed with components from Magic.


These “holes” in the programming of Anti-Magic is how the entire energy functions. The Anti-Magical energy structure wishes to push away from the Magical energy structure. Normally this would create a build-up in force from the repulsion. However, the “holes” make it so the Magic floods to it and attempts to fill it up. It’s almost as if it was returning to its natural state.  Thus it’s much like two people pulling on a rope. But one of them is trying to give the rope to the other person. The Magical energy just completely breaks down and becomes a part of the Anti-Magical energy. (Side note: I need a better name for that)


That’s the only thing concrete I have for now. I mean I’ve been trying to seal this stuff for a good time rather than discover more of its secret. But with access to Anti-Magic, I can only go up. It could be possible to be invisible from Magic such as detection-based spells as such spells work by sending particles of mana towards the target much like echolocation. 


Now onto Counter Magic! I personally believe that the original users were either people who wanted to come up with something to deal with the powers of mages who began to become more chaotic or people who studied how Anti-Magic interacted with Magic and applied it. I have a bunch of ideas as it would always be good to be able to cancel magic without losing access to my other magic.


One possible way of interrupting spells is to ruin the casting process. Before one casts a spell, they need to draw mana from their reserves and form it into a structure. With my ability to control external mana particles, it is possible for me to shoot a couple of them at the mage in question -causing the spell structure to fall apart. In theory. However, it could transform the spell structure into a whole new spell.


Another way to stop the spell from affecting anything is by affecting it at the same time.  Imagine one mage prepares his spell and gets ready to exert an upward pressure on a boulder to fling it upward. The other mage wishes to troll him and exerts downward pressure on the boulder with the same amount of force. They both cast their spells at the same time causing the boulder to stand still.


A third way is to set up a bounded field. As mentioned previously, a bounded field is a type of magic that consists in knitting a network of magical energy and spreading it on a base area, such as a piece of land or a building, to create a mystic boundary line that separates the inside from the outside. Due to the separation of the space inside from the space outside, they are allowed to work on different laws. If I were to find a universe that had no magic such a bounded field would be possible.


Another example of counter magic is Dad. But I have no idea how on earth did he manage to hack another mage’s connection like that.

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