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Name:Hydro-Wire Age: 11(when story started) Gender: male♂️ Height: 156cm(when story started) Weight: 42kg(when story started) Eye colour: dark brown; dark violet  Hair colour: Zinnawaldite brown good/bad: neutral good Personality: Short-tempered, violent(during fight), funny, humourous, arrogant, irresponsible(sometimes), lazy(sometimes), loyal, honest, caring towards his family and friends  Hydro-Wire always shows that he never cares about people around him but actually deep inside he does. […]

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Dead On Live: Chapter 1

Chapter 1   •••   “Mr. Kurgis, we must find something more..internationally appealing, per say.” A cameraman spoke. “Unfortunately, our ratings have gone down for the past few months.”   Donny sighs, thinking. “Considering that most of the Supernatural Phenomenons happen in NYC, that’s basically our only hope..but who?”   “Just someone..unordinary, sir.” The cameraman shrugs. “That’s all.” […]